Crafter's Choiceâ„¢ Peppermint (Redist) EO - Certified 100% Pure 699
Previously called Peppermint Essential Oil 2x Distilled 17862

Our Peppermint EO has been twice distilled. This means that the oil is reheated after the 1st distillation and it goes through a re-distillation process that produces a higher menthol content & gives a delicious, sweet candy cane-like natural essence. Peppermint is beloved for many reasons, including its cooling effect in products applied to the skin. But, this is a highly concentrated oil, so please use caution & start with lower percentages & increase as necessary. It should never be used on mucous membranes or sensitive areas.

Flashpoint: 163°
Country Of Origin: United States



Available Sizes:
$21.24 for 2 fl. oz
$26.19 for 4 fl. oz
$45.70 for 8 fl. oz
$80.01 for 16 fl. oz
$152.53 for 32 fl. oz (2-16 oz Size)