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Pink Sugar *Aquolina Type* Fragrance

Pink Sugar *Aquolina Type* Fragrance
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Stylish, but playful, fruity blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, stawberry, fig leaf, plums, mandarin, lemon drops and raspberry. Ending with soft musk and woods at the base. *Aquolina Type*
CP SOAP: YES. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. Discolored to dark tan due to high vanilla content. Holds scent very well. Tested at .7 oz
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free
Flash Point 195 F

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Molly P.
    I absolutely LOVE this Pink Sugar fragrance. It is my favorite of all the fragrance oils I own. It reminds me of walking into the concession area of the county fair. The scent is strong, you do not need a whole lot in your products for it to add a good punch. I've made body butter, lotion, and sugar scrub for myself with this.
  • Author: Elizabeth J.
    This is one of my favorites! Very strong scent, a little goes a long way. Discolors to brown in cp soap. No acceleration.
  • Author: Laura
    This scent is awesome! Bought it for my daughter and her and all her friends love it! It also was a big hit with the older ladies, this will be forever in my line!
  • Author: Lori
    This is the best smell! I LOVE this fragrance in my cp soap. I could smell this all day. It is sweet and strong and like a big buch of cotton candy! Ummm so good. Has my whole house smelling yummy!
  • Author: Lynette B.
    I have tried several different Pink Sugar FO's and this one is soooo Yummy. You will absolutely not be disappointed.
  • Author: Cheryl L
    I have tried many Pink Sugar FO's. This one is the best!!!
  • Author: Dawn
    This scent is identical to Pink Sugar. I had a request to duplicate pink sugar and my customer thinks I'm a genius! Thank you!
  • Author: Lynda Smith
    Bought a sample size b/c my best friend loves this scent. I sent it to her and she couldn't tell the differnce between your version and the real one.
  • Author: Dawn
    Seriously, I have to reiterate how much I love this scent. Another oil company sent me a sample and it was totally weak. I've smelled a few different renditions of this scent and absolutely NOTHING compares to Element's Pink Sugar.
  • Author: Sasha H.
    I was a little apprehensive about ordering at first, as I have tried Pink Sugar types from other suppliers & have been sorely disappointed. You have NO WORRIES HERE!! This oil is a total match!! I am so delighted!!
  • Author: Shayna
    Pink sugar in the department store always gives me a HUGE headache instantly, but this seems a little more muted. A nice cotton candy type smell and no headache, lol.
  • Author: Kristen
    I am out of the loop on what the original smells like, but to me, it smells JUST LIKE ****SCENTSY'S***** Sugar!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SCENT!!!!! Quickly becoming one of my faves!!!!!
  • Author: sabrina Tuten
    I'm in love with this scent! Not as candy-ish as some other brands I have tried. More grown up and works like a charm in HP soap.
  • Author: Michelle
    The more I smell it the more I like it. It just a "fun" quality to it.
  • Author: Munchkie
    So good and sweet! Not too much lemon like some other dupes I've tried. Exactly the right combinations.
  • Author: Alisha
    I've never smelled this 'type' before so I wasn't sure what I'd get. It smells sugary and reminds me of cotton candy. Unlike some sugar themed FOs, this one isn't sickening sweet. I like it. Great FO for sugar scrubs!
  • Author: Lisa Sanders
    This is my top seller! Can't keep it on the shelves. Other Pink Sugar types are too sweet. The musk and woods base round this one out beautifully! A definite keeper in my fragrance line. Yummy!
  • Author: Kaela
    They are all right lol! This is a great smelling FO! It smells sweet but soft and not over the top, just really well rounded. A very slight powder finish.
  • Author: Tracy Hortman
    Love this fragrance. So far a big hit with my customers as well. This one is a keeper.
  • Author: Maura
    I never leave feedback, good or bad....ever! I wear Pink Augar the perfume... this, this FO is AMAZING! I am so enamored with it! I only bought a sample, as I was a little worried... I am no longer worried and am so thrilled I just ordered more today!

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