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Patchouli Honey Fragrance

Patchouli Honey Fragrance
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Don't like Patchouli? Think again! All of our testers gave it a 2 thumbs up, so this is a MUST TRY! Sweet essence of honeycomb wrapped around patchouli twigs. Light notes of candied fruit & lemon peel.
~ Makes awesome incense.
CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. Discolored to light/medium tan. Holds scent very well. Tested at .7 oz per lb
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) present 4.195%
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Leann B.
    Candied fruit is the perfect description for this soft fragrance. Just a whisper of patchouli so if you've steered away from anything with patchouli in it before, you should try this one! I know my customers are going to love the soft femininity of this one. It behaved beautifully for me in a coconut/palm/light olive CP soap test batch and in three days has turned a soft tan. Don't forget blending options! If you want to soften a patchouli scent, try blending with this one.
  • Author: Kimberly Mowers
    oh my gosh, i love this scent!doesnt smell like pach.
  • Author: Barb
    Loved this OOB. Smells so familiar but can't place what it reminds me of. Soaped .7/ppo - plenty strong! Cool RTCP (room temp cold process) veggie recipe, no problems at all, behaved beautifully. Was a bright almost Day-Glo yellow when I unmolded but has mellowed out some and I anticipate discoloration to a light tan as noted before. Smells fantastic. This is a very nice fragrance, just wish I could think of what it smells like to me!
  • Author: Melissa Faircloth
    I usually detest Patchouli, but this one is unbelievably yummy! Both patchouli haters and lovers LOVE this scent. It does very well in CP soap and soy candles
  • Author: Patrice
    This is probably my all time fave scent. One of my customers calls it Eau de Viagra...LOL! Smells heavenly in perfume solids. Loves it!
  • Author: Debbie
    Beautiful scent. The patch is not predominant, but it grounds the honey really nicely. Love this scent. I think it's best for a body product rather than a tart. It smells like a fine perfume.
  • Author: Julie
    I just soaped with the Patchouli Honey samples you sent with my order. This is my new favorite scent. Its so light and perfect for men and women.
  • Author: Linda
    Absolutely fabulous! Great for soap and soy candles - my all time favorite!!!!
  • Author: Kathy
    I received a sample of this-OOH LAH LAH!! It is heavenly luxurious!! Smells divine. Love it-ordering a bottle to soap.
  • Author: Patricia
    You're going to love this one; what a great fragrance!
  • Author: Aimee
    I just soaped with this fragrance and it's to die for! Worked like a charm with my CPOP method. Love it and I'm not even a patchouli fan. This scent is a must have!
  • Author: Maureen Thompsom
    Excellent fragrance!! I love this fragrance and think it would be great for everything.
  • Author: CT SOAP & CANDLES
    I sold out of this soap in one market. IT SMELLS AMAZING!
  • Author: Ana
    great fragrance i use it in soaps, body cream and is wonderful,great job you guys are the best.great service a+++++
  • Author: Kellie
    This is one fabulous scent. Put it in anything B&B and people will buy you out. I love it too..
    It is da bomb in CP soap...
  • Author: Renata
    This is a great fragrance. My customers love it !
  • Author: Heather Gwinn
    My husband, customers, and I are crazy about this scent. It's really smooth and mellow. A very small amount goes a long way! It holds really strong in CP soap (even after a year) and fantastically in lotions and creams. You wont smell like just some hippie. This gives patchouli a whole new positive image!
  • Author: Tish
    I love this FO in my hand and body cream. Looking forward to trying it out in soap.
  • Author: Indigo Bee
    This is a bestseller for me. A little goes a long way in soap. In soap, it "mellows" a little, giving it a nice, sweet scent. The patchouli is negligible if you're not a fan of patchouli. I'm impressed, will keep ordering it.
  • Author: Marilyn
    I received a sample and used it in CP soap. Love the way it's scenting the room as the soap cures.
  • Author: Judy N
    I like this fo and even though it's more costly, it really isn't in usage because it is a strong fo I usually scent strong and I cut back with the one. Used in tarts and soap! Great blender also!
  • Author: The Nail Den
    Received a sample of this with my order and I love it!!! We are adding it to our fragrance menu!!!
  • Author: Kathleen Burns
    Love this fragrance! Can be used for perfume, it's that good. The honey tone is very light. I don't care for honey scents, but I like this one!
  • Author: Vitariz
    DIVINE!!! Love it! I added honey to cp soap and turn to dark brown, that ok and smell divine!
  • Author: Trish L
    Very popular-soft sultry smell with a nice sweetnessl. Wonderful mixed with other incense type scents. Popular with men and women!
  • Author: Kaye
    At first I didn't know what to think of this fragrance out of the bottle; however, I know better than to judge a fragrance out of the bottle; I used this scent to make a lotion, and oh my....I just could not wait to wear it because I love this unique smell! My mom liked it as well! Now, I am going to to try and make body sprays with this!
  • Author: Marianne
    Used in MP and in a body spray. Smells like Avon Skin So Soft.
  • Author: Lisa K of Maple River Organics
    This is a fabulous scent on it's own, doesn't smell like patchouli and doesn't smell like honey, but a great blend of both. When I want to kick up my scents a notch and have them smell Amazing (not even kidding), I add some of this FO, it is a great scent anchor & just gives your blend that little "twist" it needs, it's the best, I am ordering more right now. PS try it with amber & vanilla...or with Clary Sage, get the balance right and OMG! I used to CP but now HP, it behaves beautifully in both, btw my products that are blended with this scent are HUGE SELLERS!!! Get out there and experiment!
  • Author: Kathryn McDaniel
    I received a sample trial and it is wonderful, I normally do not like the smell of patchouli but this is great.
  • Author: Melissa Catlin
    I am NOT a patch person but this is awesome! I use it in CP soap and sell a ton of it. Love LOVE LOVE!
  • Author: sandy smith
    Wonderful scent. I'm a new customer who has been buying oils from other suppliers. Elements oils are superior and true, no chemical smells. Elements is now my place to shop. So excited with the quality. Sorry to have wasted my money elsewhere looking for "the one" great supplier.
  • Author: Robyn
    Add me to the list of reviewers who dislike patchouli but LOVE this scent! I just received a sample of this yesterday, and today I'm ordering a large bottle of it. I can't wait to use it in my products!
  • Author: Tracey
    I bought this fragrance based on reviews. At my vendor show I sold out and look forward to buying more.
  • Author: Beth
    I'm not a fan of Patchouli, but have had lots of requests for it. This FO fits the bill-- I can stand to make soap using it, and my customers love it! Very strong; you can use less than you normally would, and the scent lasts. I made this months ago and the bar I kept from the first batch still smells strongly.
  • Author: Carrie S.
    Amazing scent! I would describe it as warm, deep, slightly sweet (but not sugary), and kinda earthy, but in a non-hippie way. I've only used it in CP soap so far, but will be trying it in lotion soon. I did have some issues with the FO accelerating in the soap (I soaped cool, around 105, but did have a slight water discount). No ricing or seizing, but the FO did thicken the soap within a minute.
  • Author: Cheryl
    This is my "female" fragrance for my beer-based soap, and it is very popular! Nicely spicy and earthy, a favorite for those who aren't the flowery type ;) .
  • Author: Kimberly Johnson
    Oh my this fragrance is wonderful it reminds me of the Thierry Mugler fav Angel uncut!
  • Author: Taina Parker
    I am always nervously excited about trying new fragrances. more nervous than excited actually, but omg this scent !!! Seriously my new favorite scent in the world!
  • Author: Kaela
    This is a lovely smell! I had zero problems with it in cp soap. I think it is more masculine but that is just me, it is very warm and earthy so I used some rose clay to color it and it turned out a beautiful desert color.
  • Author: amy
    Wow! Get a bigger bottle, you're gonna love this one, trust me! Very similar to Angel perfume, but I detect more honey notes in this blend. Its wonderful. Highly recommend!!
  • Author: Lisa Sanders
    This one smells awesome OOB! Men and women love this scent! Great in all bath and body products. Especially perfume!
  • Author: Heather
    I purchased this fragrance a few years ago from a company in a product who discontinued it before I needed to reorder. I literally cried (okay - postpartum depression! ;) ) when I saw it was all gone.

    I have recently started making my own products and was determined to recreate this scent. Little did I know that when I searched for the name, they'd used the exact same one as the fragrance oil!

    I am ecstatic to be able to use this in my own products as it is truly one of my favorite smells and I no longer need to delicately savor the teeny bit I have left!
  • Author: Lidiya
    DIVINE!!! This scent became my best seller! Everything I had done with it flew away from my shelves and people ask for more :) I am so glad that I bought it. Thanks Elements Good Job!!!
  • Author: Shawna
    I threw molds away for holding the patchouli fragrance (which I LOATHE) that I made special for a very dear friend. I absolutely LOATHE (I can't say that enough) patchouli...I LOVE this scent however. The patchouli is very underplayed and the scent comes off very nicely.
  • Author: Mary
    I love this scent. The Patchouli is definitely in the background with the Honey front & center. I don’t think people would even know about the Patchouli unless they were told. Soaped beautifully in CP. But, be prepared, it does discolor to a light brown - not tan (6 week cure). Love the scent so much though that I also used it in a body lotion.
  • Author: Courtney Harmon
    I'm in love with this scent

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