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Oil-Soluble Powder Colorants

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Powerful, oil-based soapmaking dyes are what you need to make your products stand out with brilliant, beautiful colors. 1/4 ounce jar colors approx 100-150 pounds of soap. Recommended for oil-based applications such as cold process soap, liquid soaps, balms, butters, etc.
Oxides should NOT be used in pH lower than 6 (bath bombs, lotion) or their sulphur coating will make the product smell like rotten eggs.
Usage in CP Soap: One scoop (.15 cc) per pound of soap. Mix one scoop (.15 cc) with a Tbs of vegetable oil, mix to a paste and add to soap at light trace. Use a tiny frother or stick blender for best results.

Usage in M&P Soap, Liquid Soap, Balms, Butters, etc: Use the tiniest amount of colorant to start. Test first, as a little goes a long way!
Do NOT over-color. Keep in mind that "less is more". Over-coloring will color your soap later and/or stain wash cloths. These instructions give a very dark version. Test first to achieve your desired shade. When mixing in soap, the end color does not appear right away. But, as your soap sets and cures, it will turn the color stated on the label. Testing for compatibility w/your finished product recommended. Sold by volume, not weight
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