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Neck Muscle Relaxant Wrap

Buy a computer wrist rest

Nowadays people spend more and more time at a computer. Whether it is for work or just browsing at home, many people spend hours a day on a computer. This can lead to a variety of bodily pains and the most common is wrist pain. Typing at a keyboard and using a mouse repeatedly as you would at a computer can cause significant stress on your wrists. That is why we offer a computer wrist rest. This product will help align your wrists in such a way that it minimizes stress and helps relieve tension caused from repeated computer usage. Unfortunately, improper posture and positioning while continually using a computer can facilitate carpal tunnel syndrome. Let us help you be more comfortable at work or at home with a computer wrist rest.

Benefits of a neck muscle relaxant wrap

We have all had those long days that we thought would never end. After a hard day at work many people want to go home to relax. Let us provide you with a neck muscle relaxant wrap to help ease away the tension. Our neck wraps are portable so they can provide therapeutic relief anywhere, anytime. We specifically designed ours to be extra large and to contour around your neck and shoulders to give the sensation of a warm massage. You can heat or chill our neck muscle relaxant wrap, based on the type of relief you are looking for. They are perfect for headaches, migraines, and strained neck muscles. For your comfort and preference one side is silky, while the other is cotton.