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Natural Lip Balm or Body Butter Base

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Natural Lip Balm or Body Butter Base
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Natural Lip Balm Base

8 oz = $7.25  $7.25   $5.07
1 lb = $12.95  $12.95   $9.06
7 lb (1 Gallon) = $79 ($11.28/lb)  $79.00   $55.30
33 lb = $338 ($10.25/lb) - Out of stock  $338.00   $236.60

A bulk lip balm base as good as hand made? Absolutely!

Yes, you can tweak it to "make it yours", but why bother? This base is awesome as-is! Never grainy and using only high quality, All Natural, Paraben Free, food grade ingredients, this uncolored, unscented base is super easy to use and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth! Conveniently packaged in wide mouth plastic jars.

1 lb of base fills approx 100 lip balm tubes. That makes your cost per standard lip tube only about $.13 each!
Shelf life: 1 year+. Store in cool, dry place.

Oil-soluble applications: Lip balms, lipsticks, body butters, lotion bars, solid perfume, & salves. Create your own Lip Gloss by adding equal ratios of lip balm base & carrier oil.

Instructions for use: Scoop out the desired amount & melt in a glass bowl in microwave in short intervals or in double boiler on stove. Once melted, add desired Flavor Oils, Micas, colorants, etc, then pour into Lip Balm Tubes or Containers of choice. Do not overheat as this may cause graininess. (Never pour too hot as this may cause warping or leaking of plastic tubes).
Melting point 145 - 160F

Usage recommendations for adding Flavor Oil: For 16 oz of base, you could use anywhere from 1-3% or .16-.48 oz of flavor oil.
Flavoring lip balm to your liking can vary greatly, but up to 3% is the general guideline. If you use too much flavoring, there’s the risk that it will not incorporate well in your product. Lip balm is a most forgiving product, so any "errors" can usually easily be rectified by adding more/less lip balm base.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Cruelty-Free/No Animal Testing.

All Natural Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (not an "alcohol" such as rubbing alcohol, which would dry the skin, but a vegetable source emulsifying wax or thickener), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Lipids, Lauryl Laurate (a vegetable derived palm), Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax




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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kathy
    I LOVE YOUR LIP BALM BASE!!! Very smooth and creamy base. Nice feel, not grainy at all. We tried it for lips and as a perfume base, worked great for both. Very versatile product. My customers love that it stays on all day, & all night when they reapply it before bed.
  • Author: Kate
    Bought this as a test because of the dual application possibilities, now I'm back to order more because it makes a great massage stick! I just add a little jojoba oil, fo and pour into one of the 2oz twist up tubes. I will continue to explore what I can do with it!
  • Author: Molly
    I think this Lip Balm Base is great! All I have to do to make Lip Balm is add the Fragrances and pour the liquid into the tube and let it harden
    I recommend it to others!!!!
  • Author: Deb
    I use to order other lip balm bases but thought they were too hard, so I would add more oil. I recently received your lip balm tube samples and found the lip balm base was smoother and and really soften the lips. I love it and ordering more.
  • Author: Lyndsay
    I love this base as a lip balm base but I do have to say...for me, it is too hard. I mix SAO with it and then it is perfect!
  • Author: Sarah
    I just love this base so much! I use it for 3 of my products and my customers love it! Easy to use and great to work with.
  • Author: Cheryl
    This stuff is great. I made it so that it would be for a roll on bottle, used the flavoring and a small amount of sweetener.
    I used 1 tbs of base; and then the rest of edible oil to suit to your liking. It does not stay a nice yellow but a tad on the cloudy side, nothing what a bit of coloring can't cure.
  • Author: Cynthia Butler
    What a wonderful surprise. This all natural product is so easy to use, just add your own personalized touches to it and it becomes several different products all in one. This is a must have, you won't be disappointed.
  • Author: Jo Ann D.
    I thought I had to blend my own lip balm base to get a good product....boy, was I wrong! This stuff is the perfect consistency- light color- no 'bloom'. Just made my job a whole lot easier- Thanks,Tammy.....
  • Author: Dawn
    I had bought another base from another company. It smells soooooo bad!!! Stinky is the right word!!! I recieved this as a sample and will be ordering from now on!!!!!
  • Author: Di Williams
    i ordered this to make lip balms, but have not used it for that purpose yet. I made a wonderful body cream that is getting great reviews from my testers.
  • Author: Suzanna
    LOVE the base! Just got it today and i cant stop making lip balm already :) VERY easy to melt and pour, smooth and it feels GREAT on my lips! WIll be back for more!
  • Author: Johanna
    I just received a sample of the base and tried it on my lips. WOW, so smooth. I am going to try it as body butter next. Great so far.

    Thanks so much!
  • Author: Sweetmade Soap
    I usually make my own base but after trying this maybe I should do myself a favor and use yours. It is perfectly soothing, lasts a long time on your lips...I know my customers will love it. Thank you for another excellent product!
  • Author: Mandi
    I love this base! Making my own was always kind of "hit or miss", but this is perfect! I've used it in lip bams, solid perfumes, healing salves, and lotion sticks. Works amazingly in ALL of them!
  • Author: D.C.
    Got the sample liptube. I like how it stays on the lips and yet doesn't feel cakey. I use another lipbalm base currently, but it's great for more frequent general use and thus light and sheer. I find this heavier and will be great for lips that are more drier or for active people. Will be getting this to have two options :D
  • Author: Heather
    I couldn't be happier with this base. It is exactly what I have been looking for and all natural! It's not greasy like so many others are. Its texture is smooth, firm, and feels very moisturizing. No glossy lips which makes it very unisex friendly! I completely recommend this base!
  • Author: Sandra of ScentedSoftandSewn
    I use this to make my skin softening and repairing stick balm, I have had rave reviews from friends and family alike! this is GR8 Stuff, Try Some
  • Author: Genevieve
    LOVE this base!!!! My customers think it's fabulous, and I completely agree!
  • Author: Kimberly
    Thanks for including a sample of your lip balm. I love it! The only problem is keeping it away from my son.He found it and said that is the best stuff. He wants me to make up some tubes for him and his friends. Great products and wonderful prices. LUV those samples too.
  • Author: Barb
    I'm just now getting into making lip balms so decided to try a few different bases from different companies. I'm glad I did. The one I got for another company was way too greasy and I'm happy to say when I tried yours it was just right! Great consistency, not greasy at all, and smooth. I will definitely be back for more. I also like that it's all natural.
  • Author: Audra
    Just wanted to drop you guys a note and say thank you. You sent me a free sample lip balm with my last order and I have been using it on my lips twice a day. They were so chapped, they were peeling and bleeding and NOTHING was working. I tried balms, gloss, oils, butters, and nothing helped. Your lip balm was the only thing that worked, and I am still kind of surprised by it, LOL! I make products with butters and oils, so I am familiar with all the ingredients. I expected your balm to just sit on top of my skin and not do anything really therapeutic for it, but I was wrong! My beloved Squalane helped some, too, I think, but it soaked all the way in while your balm stayed on the surface and softened the cracked skin. So thank you! I really appreciate it! And so do my $7,000 Hollywood lips!!!! (I had them redone--undone, actually--in Beverly Hills after a surgeon in TX messed them up, so they are VERY expensive lips!! lol)
  • Author: Debbie Zecchini
    I ordered this base to see what it was like compared to others that I had ordered. Wow I was so surprised at the quality of it and the smoothness. All my family love it can't wait to make some other products with it.
  • Author: Alessandra Locke
    Love the lip balm base!!! I'm getting great reviews.
  • Author: Shere'e Edwards
    I received a sample with my order and I used it for my sons nose rash from blowing his nose a lot, and immediately his nose rash didn't bother him and the strawberry scent relaxed him. Thank you I'm thinking of purchasing this base for myself.
  • Author: Kimberly
    I think it works great. Nice feel. It works great alone, but I also add Organic Argan, and Jojoba and spearmint for extra benefits.
  • Author: Jen M.
    Long lasting and not grainy! Love this base! Plus, making lip balm couldn't be easier with it!:)
  • Author: Virginia Doubley
    I am fortunate to have found Elements as this was my very first attempt at making my own products. It is so simple that my granddaughters 8 and 11 years old get a kick out of making our lip balms. Everyone that we made a sample tube loved them. We have now added the lip balms to our product lines. The samples were wonderful also. Thanks Elements for making our first venture a great one.
  • Author: Alexis B
    This stuff is amazing! I use it as a base for my diaper cream. Just melt down with equal parts shea butter and some tea tree oil. It's smooth and works great as a moisture barrier, while the beeswax and castor oil help cure rashes.
  • Author: Julie
    I bought his to make lip balms and have used it instead to make a salve for cracked skin. My brothers work with their hands and suffer from dry, split skin on their thumbs. I add jojoba and hemp seed oil, along with lavender and tea tree oil. they love it! I am now going to sell it for people who work with their hands.
  • Author: D. Inman
    Love this base! Lots of reorders for lip balms. I also use it in a 2 oz. roll up tube for body. Love it with lemongrass, wheat germ, and vitamin E for the feet.
  • Author: Kari
    I ordered the lip balm kit and could not believe how fast it arrived at my home. I made a bunch of tubes and took them to work. I love this base!!
  • Author: Lynn
    I am very impressed! I formulated a lip balm years ago with very similar ingredients to be heat stable and actually healing (without making medical claims of course). This meets that balm. Unsure of the heat stability yet but I am pretty sure that it will pass my tests. I do add a touch of this and that and it has not affected the balm's stability. Thank you so much for formulating this base and passing the wonderful benefits to your customers! I'm about to purchase more. I think a gallon will be in order!
  • Author: Jodi Lombardo
    I had gotten a lip balm as a free sample and the base is sheer perfection. I decided to buy a large amount and make different flavored lip balm to sell along with my other products. You simply cannot beat the price or quality. Your lip balms will definitely sell. I have a few flavored with brightly colored different labels. They're eye catching and every one seems to have an extra dollar. I still make money and can offer a beautiful quality product that requires barely any work to create!! LOVE IT
    I am loving this lip balm base, made my life so much easy that's why I am back here to order some more. But I am making labels for the lip balms since I am always afraid of people allergies. But the list of ingredients is so long. Can you tell I am new in this business.
  • Author: Trish M
    Omg you guys! Definitely the best lip balm base ever. My lips are chapped all year long, it keeps it soft, not chapped and I don't have to reapply until the next day, sometimes I put it on before bedtime

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