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Natural Hair Conditioner Flakes

Natural Hair Conditioner Flakes
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All natural, vegetarian flakes derived from coconut oil, castor & palm oil for making your own custom creme rinse/hair conditioner.
For a cream hair conditioner, 1 Pound will yield 20 pounds of finished product.
For a thick maple syrup-like consistency, 1 Pound will yield 35 pounds of finished product.
Lightweight, smooth and creamy it provides superior dry hair compatibility, has a silky and soft feel, detangles wet hair, and reduces static charge and flyaway. It leaves no buildup. Your customers will love it!
Contains NO color and NO fragrance. Add your own scent, color if you like and package as desired.
Super easy to make!
1) Simply mix the flakes with 160 degree F water.
2) Mix with stick blender until smooth.
3) Add Germaben II or Phenonip preservative, Fragrance and Colorant
4) Mix periodically until cool enough to pour into containers.
The hair conditioner flakes mix in easily and smoothly. Mixture thickens as it cools.
Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing
pH = 5.5 - 8.0
Shelf life of flakes: 2 years
CA Prop 65 - not on the list of toxic chemicals
INCI: cetearyl alcohol, PEG-40 Castor Oil, stearalkonium chloride
Cosmetic grade, Pharmaceutical grade
Biodegradable, Vegetable derived (vegan) formulation
Ingredients for 1 Gallon thin conditioner recipe (increase flakes for thicker conditioner). Full instructions included with purchase.
4 oz Natural Hair Conditioner Flakes
7 lb 12 oz water
Fragrance or Essential Oil (max usage 3.84 oz. For essential oils, less would be needed)
1.3 oz Germaben II or Phenonip preservative
Water-soluble liquid Colorants (if desired)

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jackie Alberti
    I just tried this and it's very light and wonderful. My hair is very dry and overtreated but after using this conditioner my hair is soft and tangle free. My natural curls are back because my hair isn't bogged down with heavy conditioners!
  • Author: Brenda
    Oh, wow!!! I love this stuff. A little goes a long way. I made a small batch for personal use.(not resale) Turned out great. Detangles my waist length hair easily. Try this ......it's awesome!!
  • Author: liz
    i love this product detangles and made my hair soft .i just love this site.
  • Author: Jo
    I live and work in rural Africa and it's difficult to get nice toiletries there. I've been looking for conditioner that I can carry back to Africa with me that will not fill up my whole suitcase with bottles, but will condition my daughters' curly dry hair. This is wonderful, I'm just buying for our own use, but it is an affordable quality product. Conditions nicely and easy to mix up.
  • Author: Virginia Doubley
    Great job! Elements has done it again. We carry shampoo in our store but was unsatisfied with every hair conditioner we tried.
    We purchased the hair conditioner flakes in hopes of being able to add them to our line.
    We followed the included recipe to the letter and we were pleasantly surprised. Our family members and friends loved our hair conditioner.
    We now have an exceptional hair conditioner to add to our growing all natural product line.
    Thank you Elements for making great products.
  • Author: Vanessa Bryant
    I love this conditioner and so do my customers. It is very versitile and I am able to make many different kinds with this one product. Love it, Love it!
  • Author: F. Brown
    This product is great! I use it to make my co-washes. I mix it with alittle Shea butter and Cocoa butter for a wonderful treat that leaves my hair as well as my clients, soft and tangle free.
  • Author: JourneysMother
    I love these conditioner flakes! I purchased them about year ago but didn't begin to work with them until recently when i made my solid conditioner butter bars with real coconut milk, shea butter and EO! They are amazing and detangle the thickest, curliest hair! Thank You!! I love all of your products!
  • Author: CD
    I LOVE these flakes! They make a great natural conditioner for my customers and they love it!
  • Author: Amanda
    I never add reviews but this is the BEST conditioner ever. I made some with my favorite FO and my daughter steals it all the time and now all her friends want bottles. This ROCKS!
  • Author: Lisa W.
    Very good conditioner. Love that it is natural and vegetable based! Very happy with this product! Great for my thick curly hair!
  • Author: Tina
    I almost didn't buy this because I thought it was too expensive but am glad I did. It goes a really long way and can be used to make all kinds of hair conditioners. I've made leave in, light detangling and a heavier conditioner and they are all great. I have baby fine hair and this gives my hair lots of body while leaving it feel silky soft. I love this stuff!! Buy this - you won't regret it.
  • Author: Chris F
    These are wonderful! Easy to get the consistency just to your liking and great for my unruly mane. If you are on the fence about these, don't be and pick yourself up some of this!
  • Author: Anna
    Beautiful! Love this conditioner! Easy to mix, I don't measure my water and just add to the right consistency for either a hair mask(thicker) or conditioner (thinner) and it comes out perfect each time!
  • Author: Lisa S.
    I absolutely love this. It is the best kept secret in the beauty biz. I sell this as a Hair Conditioner, Shaving Cream, in Shower body cream, After shave
  • Author: Nicole
    I tried the conditioner flakes with the addition of carrier oil and it worked out wonderful! So I added 12 oz water 2.5 oz Aloe Vera liquid and 0.5 oz conditioner flakes. Then I realized with the addition of oils and extracts it would be more than the 15.5 oz you suggested so I added another 0.5 oz flakes because I wanted a thick conditioner anyway. I weighed it out to add stuff during the cool down phase. I added 0.5% of half and half combination of Nettle and buckthorn extracts, 0.5% vitamin E, 1% cyclomethicone, then 1.5% Optiphen Plus. It thinned out the conditioner a bit to actually a perfect thickness for me. It seems to not be separating so far. I was nervous about adding things without an additional emulsifier but it seems pretty stable. I haven't gotten to try it out yet but it looks better than any other conditioner I've made so far! So anyways I just wanted to let you know that the addition of oils seem to work pretty well at small amounts. I will continue experimenting with it and try adding a higher ratio to see what happens.
  • Author: Gia
    Great conditioner. Watch the video on the website and then make it. I love it.
  • Author: Stacie Blair-Nelson
    This is a wonderful conditioner that is so affordable and creamy. I love to add rosemary & peppermint EOs to it. A bag of flakes literally lasted me over two years.
  • Author: Melissa Berrier
    If you're on the fence about purchasing these flakes, don't be! Just do it. You won't be sorry. Easy to make, holds fragrance very well, and is amazing on your hair! You can adjust the thickness to different needs easily. I made mine thick for my dry hair and it made my hair soft, detangled and not weighed down! I'm telling you, if you don't try this stuff, you're missing out.
  • Author: TerriLin Pistorius
    This stuff is WONDERFUL. I don't sell conditioner, but I should. I make this really thick and use it as a leave in conditioner. I've also made it a normal consistency as a rinse out conditioner. It is practically impossible to screw up and everyone who I've made conditioner for loves it. Highly recommend this product.
  • Author: Kerry Keane
    I have very rough-textured, curly hair and I loved the result I got when I added my favorite fragrance. I love that it is naturally-derived and cruelty free and vegan, because I like to market my products that way.

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