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Melt & Pour "How to"

Melt & Pour Soap.. Can anything be this easy???

YES! Creating your own soap is simple & super fun. It's even safe to make with children (under adult supervision).

STEP 1) Melt your soap base in microwave safe container, crock pot, or double boiler on low heat until just melted (do not overheat).

STEP 2) Add fragrance oil, essential oil, colorant,and/or mica sparkles. 1/4 oz fragrance oil per pound is a general rule of thumb for starting & you can adjust from there. If weighing ingredients & using percentages, 1-3% ratio is standard, but verify fragrance oil recommendations from your supplier. Remember, it's easier to add more fragrance than to try and dilute if the scent is too strong. Have fun with this part by adding exfoliants, embeds, soap curls, soap chunks, body safe glitter, herbs, etc. The possibilities are unlimited!

STEP 3) Pour in mold & spray the tops with rubbing alcohol to get rid of excess bubbles. Now, the hard part... wait a few hours for it to harden. Once hardened, pop the mold out & enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Difficulty removing the soap from the soap molds?
Soap which is allowed to remain in molds for 12-24 hours after cooling releases much more easily than de-molding immediately after cooling. You can also try applying mold release which consists of 1 part melted paraffin wax mixed with 3 parts baby oil, on the molds. This mix is best applied to molds when warm. Finally, if all else fails, try placing the soap-filled molds in the freezer for an hour or so.

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