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Manuka Lavender Body Wrap Fragrance

Manuka Lavender Body Wrap Fragrance
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New Zealand Manuka Honey has been beloved for centuries for its amazing healing properties. We blend this high quality fragrance oil with the extracts of freshly harvested lavender buds and a hint of bergamot to give it an intoxicating essence that is soft, yet sweetly compelling. It's the body spa fragrance everyone dreams of. Performance in soy wax was incredible and soaps, lotions, shower gels and body polishes will fly off your shelves. This is one of those must have fragrances. For those of you that want more honey scent in your Lavender, add a bit of our L'Occitane Honey! Yum! Contains lavender & bergamot essential oils.
SOY: YES. Awesome
CP SOAP: YES. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. No discoloration. Very strong at .7 oz per lb
Vanilla Content: 0%
Soy free
Gluten free
Cruelty free
Alcohol free
Phthalate free
Contains DPG
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Leann Blackey
    I'm so impressed with this FO. It smells so "high-end". The honey note is not the overly sweet cloying kind; it complements the lavender to perfection.
  • Author: knine
    I was an essential oil only user until I found this. So many times lavender can smell medicinal--- this takes that edge off and leaves the lovely lavender. I have many customers comment that they like my lavender better than others, It is the only lavender scent I use now and is still one of my top sellers. ( goatmilk cp soap )
  • Author: Dianna
    Again, a most delicious fragrance! We carry it currently in lotion & foamy soap but our customers really like this one!! Can't wait to soap it.
  • Author: nora
    just got this as a free gift with my order, i loooove the way it smells, i will use this for my body lotion fragrance!
  • Author: Barb
    I love this FO!!! Added a little Lav 40/42 EO to it and the touch of honey sweetness comes out during cure, very very nice complement to the lavender. No acceleration that I recall, absolutely NO D, my bar is white except for the UM Violet swirls. Can't wait to soap it again. CP veggie .8oz/ppo with the lav EO making a total of 1oz/ppo.
  • Author: Lyn
    This is a pleasure to soap with I have used this in a goatsmilk soap and the results were fantastic it behaved beautifully. I am not a lavender fan and in my opinion the honey just softens the lavender nicely.......Great fragrance
  • Author: Suz
    I actually Loved the smell of this Lavender Until the Honey overpowered it completely. This is actually the Lavender I have been searching for and wasted so much money trying to find. BUT, the Honey is way too strong for my taste. Overall, I think this is a quality fragrance IF you like Honey.
  • Author: Lynn Cemensky
    This scent is awesome in pure soywax. The lavender scent is a very nice lavender, very realistic and the added bonus of the honey in there just adds another dimension to the fragrance. You truly can smell both scents in this one. I love this oil!
  • Author: Evie
    Awesome and its proof that you don't always have to break the bank for a good product.
  • Author: Rose
    WOW This was amazing in CP soap! I used 1 oz in 2lbs and it was a nice strong scent. I sold out of this bar first! A must have
  • Author: Cara Mooney
    A very natural lavender fragrance without the soapy or artificial elements of quite a few 'lavender' notes out there. Calming and nicely floral without being too overly sweet.
  • Author: Allison
    I got this as a sample with the body spray and have been wearing as perfume, love the scent, but, I thought it was eucalyptus and mint!!! Not really too lavender, more like a spa scent, not just lavender, and actually hard to find the lavender, not like my Hungarian Lavender EO or the other lavender FO from another company. Buying a big bottle for lotions, roll on perfume and soap. May add a little eucalyptus to it!
  • Author: Deborah Baron
    Beautiful fragrance. The honey mellows the medicinal smell of the lavender. Will be buying another 8 oz. bottle soon.
  • Author: Michelle 'Old Factory Apothecary'
    Received my sample today and immediately started playing with it. It smells divine in honey m & p soap. The honey and lavender complement each other. I will definitely be adding this to my product line.
  • Author: Kaela
    I really loved this out of the Bottle. I used it in a basic goats milk cp soap and the lavender came through beautifully but the sweet honey smell was totally gone:( It still smells nice though.
  • Author: Amanda Connelly
    This is an amazing unisex scent. Makes everything smell great, from candles to lotion. Love.
  • Author: Ann Rein
    This is an amazing lavender scent with the sweetness of honey. Behaved beautifully in cold process soap.
  • Author: Rhonda Gaylord
    this is my favorite lavender, very calming and much like essential oil
  • Author: Temple Earth
    Wow! I have tried many lavender fragrances in my CP soaps but this Manuka Lavender ties for the #1 spot. It soaps beautifully, doesn't discolor or accelerate, and it smells just incredible! I'm going to start featuring this scent in many of my products.
  • Author: Olga Grant
    I am in love with this FO. Lavender note is very true and just enough sweetness with the honey note. Soaped wonderfully with plenty time for swirls, no color changes. Scent stayed strong after cure. Made Soy candles as well. They are curing now, Cold throw is very nice so far.
  • Author: Amber B.
    I would just like to know how Elements was able to bottle PURE HEAVEN?! The lavender note in this is spot-on AMAZING, but the blend also carries an undertone of cozy, organic sweetness that is out of this world! If you're familiar with Lush products then you'll know what I'm talking about, but the best way I can describe this FO is if Lush's "Sleepy"/"Twilight" scent was accidentally added into the mix when they were making their "Lavender Vida Loca" soap, THIS WOULD BE THE RESULT! It's superb & I made a batch of CP with it immediately! It behaved GREAT in my recipe- No ricing, no acceleration, and I'm picking up another bottle ASAP!! I really think this is going to be one of those FO's where I won't be able to make soap with it fast enough!
  • Author: Iman
    My customers love the smell of this fragrance in soap and are always asking for more. The true lavender scent with just a hint of sweetness is perfection. Hard to keep in stock!

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