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Lemon Pound Cake Flavor Oil

Lemon Pound Cake Flavor Oil
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Price: $1.25

Lemon Pound Cake Flavor Oil

Sample vial = $1.25
1 oz = $3.25
2 oz = $5.99
4 oz = $10.75
8 oz = $17.99
1 lb = $23.99

Warm, fresh, buttery lemon pound cake glazed with vanilla icing & baked to absolute perfection. This lemony treat will fill your home with sweet home baked goodness! This flavor tends to crystallize, but this does not affect the finished product. Crystals can easily be dissolved when bottle is placed in a warm bath.
Usage rate: 1 -1.9% lip products. 4.76% in other applications.
Oil soluble, unsweetened
Applications: Lip balm, lipstick, butters, waxes, lip jellies, lip scrubs, body scrubs, MP soap, bath bombs, lotion, creams, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
INCI: Flavor
Flash point > 200 F

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jennifer R.
    I have purchased several lip balm flavors from other suppliers and have found some bad flavors and some decent flavors. I was shocked when I tried out the flavors I bought from you (bubblegum, lemon pound cake, and buttery carmel.) These are the most true to life delicious lip balm flavors I have come across! Thank you so much for taking the time to really research your suppliers and offering only top quality flavors.
  • Author: Sweetmade Soap
    Yummilicious flavor. I love it. It also smells lovely. I really am pleased with the quality and strength of these products.
  • Author: Sherry s.
    WOW! WOW! AND WOW!! Oh did I say WOW!! I think this is the best lip balm flavor I have ever used. It is so life like its unbelievable. Its like lemon pound cake without the calories!!! Great Job!
  • Author: Zigzagmolly
    Everyone LOVES this flavor! This is the flavor that hooks them on our lip balm.
  • Author: Shawne
    I do get the lemon pound cake scent but (call me crazy) it also smelled like something else very familiar, it finally hit me, my cabbage patch kid doll from the eighties! Either way, it's great, comforting and i love it!
  • Author: Anonymous
    I cannot stop using my lip balm just so I can smell this all day long! FAVORITE by far!!
  • Author: April
    Purchased this in December 2014, and it smells fantastic!! There is some white sediment in it that makes it cloudy, but I just let it settle and use a pipette to take from the top. I use it in lip balm and lip scrub. Definitely a favorite!
    *** Note from Elements: This flavor tends to crystallize, but it does not affect the finished product and is easily dissolved by placing the bottle in a warm bath.
  • Author: Rebecca Cuvillier
    Yummy!, I mix equal parts with raspberry to make raspberry lemonade and use at 2%, it's so delicious!

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