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Lavender Apples & Oak Fragrance

Lavender Apples & Oak Fragrance
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Warm, inviting fragrance oil that has been blended to perfection, with soft, lovely lavender & juicy apples. It is difficult to extract the individual scents from this forest type blend, but it is a favorite when used in products such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, hand sanitizers, scrubs, etc.
*** Note there are natural waxes in the lavender essential oil. Once they get too cold, they can solidify, looking like translucent flakes. It is not harmful to the end product, but in the event that your bottle has sediment & you want it removed, you would need to chill it to force it to solidify, and then filter it out.
SOY WAX: Yes. 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold & hot throw after 24 hours.
Flash Point 185 F

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tanya
    I really like this! I was a little worried about the apple when deciding whether to sample this as apple often doesn't come across right in fragrances imo but this is perfectly delightful.

    The lavender and oak compliment/contrast it so nicely. I'll definitely need to buy a bigger bottle soon!
  • Author: Melissa
    This is a fabulous scent! Very contemporary. I love the softness of the lavender, the tartness of the apple and the earthiness of the oak. All three are prominent. Doesn't smell like anything I've smell before. And that's saying something! LOL
  • Author: Lyn
    I took a chance on this scent and am so glad I did. There is a nice balance of apple, lavender and oak. Not a typical scent. Will purchase again.
  • Author: Patricia Parr
    A wonderfully unique scent. I am not a big fan of lavender but I was creating a lavender variety pack and so I decided to order this as a sample..the oak makes all the difference. This turns out to be a huge unisex pick for hand sanitizer and air freshener. Try the samples size and see if you're plesantly surprised!
  • Author: Melisa Ladas
    I can't believe I waited so long to order this fragrance. It is so balanced and smooth! This is going to be one of my all time faves for sure. I made CP soap with this today at 1oz ppo and I cannot wait to unmold this. This is a scent that will smell great in everything imho!
  • Author: Nancy Tempel
    This is a very nice fragrance. It has a clean and wonderful scent.
  • Author: Munchkie
    First whiff is herbal lavender, followed by fresh apples then a hint of oak. I'm surprised how well they blend together. Will be great as laundry soap!
  • Author: Katie Y. in Michigan
    One of my favorite fragrances for fall & customers Love it!
    Great in my CP soap, behaves well & holds the fragrance really nicely too. It's a must for my fall line each year.
  • Author: Stephanie Taylor
    This one is awesome! I got a small bottle and used in bath bombs and it’s amazing! Ordering more ASAP!
  • Author: Amber
    Really a fantastic fragrance, & not strictly limited in its scent-character to where it couldn't be enjoyed year-round! It's definitely an aroma especially outstanding for fall though! The oak note in the blend adds that perfect touch of autumnal warmth to juicy apple notes and herbal-fresh lavender accords! I'm surprised how well these aromas play so nicely with each other! Not a single note is "odd" or out-of-place, and each element of the blend is delightfully present, detectable & complimenting to the whole. Behaves perfect in CP too! No mischievous behavior, & it allowed plenty time for multiple colors & pretty swirls! My soaps are still curing, but the aroma is hanging in there beautifully & true in application! I hope customers enjoy it as much as I do, since I'd really like to make this wonderful FO at least a seasonal staple in my product line. Don't hesitate to give this one a try in your handmade creations... It comes together perfectly to make for quite the surprising aroma in such a unique and gorgeous way!

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