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Lamp Oil Rings

Information about lamp oil rings

There are a variety of air fresheners out there on the market. If you are tired of looking for one that actually works like you need it to and is extremely cost effective, take a look at our lamp oil rings. These innovative ceramic rings can be filled with your favorite scented oil and then placed on the top of a light bulb. Once the light bulb is heated, the heat transfers to the ring and diffuses your favorite scent throughout the room. In addition, you can reuse the rings over and over and fill them with any scented oil you choose. At $2.50 a piece, our lamp oil rings are already cheaper than the store bought air fresheners and they last longer too.

Purchase quality malibu tubes

We know it can be a lot fun to create your own bath and body products*, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right containers to put your creations in. We have provided you with a solution. Our malibu tubes are the perfect container for a variety of toiletry products including shampoos, body gels, conditioners, lotions, and other creations. We offer these bottles in a variety of sizes to fit any and all of your needs. Each size of our malibu tubes comes equipped with a flip cap for easy dispensing and is made with durable plastic. Let us help you nurture your passion for creating wonderful and fully customized bath and body products.

*Remember to learn about all ingredients before you use them in your creations.