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Label Templates

If you're looking for a template for one our labels, please go to the product page for that particular label & download the "Word Template" link. (The link can be found just under the pic of the product). If you have any questions, please email info@elementsbathandbody.com

If you see only a "blank screen" when you open the template, this is simply due to your computer settings for Word. If you click Layout > View Gridlines, the individual cells should display.

CIRCLE LABELS: All templates for circle labels will appear in square format. Unfortunately, this can be a bit confusing, so make certain that once you've created your label, you print on a blank test sheet of paper before printing on your labels. Hold the sheet of paper up against your circle labels to ensure that the alignment is where you want it.
We often get questions about printing an arc or curve on circle labels, so here is some useful info:
1. If the Drawing toolbar is not already visible, click View, Toolbars, Drawing.
2. Click on the little Oval button on the Drawing toolbar. If you don’t have an oval button,
a. Click on Autoshapes and then Basic Shapes.
b. Click on the shape you want. For a circle, click on the oval icon.
3. Move your mouse to where you want to place the circle. Click, hold down the mouse button, and drag to draw the circle to the size you want. Let go of the button. You can always resize the shape later if you need to.
4. Right mouse click on your circle.
5. Click on Add Text.
6. For a nicer look, you might want to change the justification to Center to follow the pattern of the circle.
7. Click on the center justification button.
8. Type the text you want to put in the circle.
9. Click outside your circle.
10. If you need to resize your circle, click anywhere inside the circle. Take one of the square handles, click and drag the shape to the size that fits your text.
11. To edit the text, click on the text and edit as usual.

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