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Kai type Fragrance

Kai type Fragrance
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Kai is a light, intoxicating scent sold at exclusive boutiques and spas all over the world, with devotees varying from "everyday people" to celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone and more. Kai is the perfect blend of tropical gardenia and white exotic flowers.This oil is strong in paraffin candles, we recommend 1 oz per lb.
SOY WAX: YES. 10 oz round jar wicked with HTP1212 &/or HTP1213, 1 oz per lb, living area of 250 sq feet. Performed very good, testers loved it. It's a light thrower.
CP SOAP: YES. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. No discoloration. Strong scent, very pretty. Tested at .7 oz per lb
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Lisa Johnson
    I used Kai in two soaps--a goatsmilk and a coconut milk. In both, did 30% water, regular cp to gel, with recipe of 20% palm, coconut and 5% shea plus soft oils. Soaped at around 108-110. The scent doesn't fade at all!
    In GM, the soap curdled and overheated with the FO. In the coconut, it was a dream and was able to swirl 3 colors easily. I personally don't like this huge white floral, but it keeps on ticking and ticking in soap even after 4 months.
  • Author: Dianna
    This is the most delightful fragrance, and my customers love it. Currently we have it in lotion & foamy soap, but will report back when we soap it.
  • Author: Julie
    1/14/09: Maybe I did some things drastically wrong, but, soaping cool temps, water discount (though wasn't a straight PKO recipe), this moved quite fast. Went with 1 oz ppo. I have dramatic tops from trying to glop the coloring in before it hardened. Discoloration, I will have to look at more closely when I make again. I've got some not-so-white soap, but more of a faint yellowish tint to the uncolored portions.
    The scent is a sticker through three weeks. Will keep a nose to it throughout the cure.

    2/8/09 UPDATE: Made another batch using full water in my usual batch, but didn't put milk in it this time. 1 oz ppo, RTCP and it still moved, more manageable than with the water discount, but it still moved. Gorgeous scent. No discoloration. Scent doesn't fade (or didn't from the last batch.)
  • Author: Dianna Mincey
    My customers just LOVE Kai type fragrance, and I'm extremely glad it's phthalate free! Such a gentle but wonderful fragrance for the lady who likes the more sophisticated scent!
  • Author: Heather
    AMAZING scent! I tested it in a MP, and it turned out great. It's a very classy floral smell.
  • Author: Debbie G
    This is such an amazingly strong scent. Certainly upscale. I've used it in a body balm and the scent lasts all day.
  • Author: chris
    i did another test batch (cp)..more water + keep temp at 99F or below,(usually i like to make at 104-108) and check temp of sink water if using a" hot" water bath..no more pudding!(and, need i say, not too much whizzing with that stick blender!)
  • Author: Danni
    A favorite with customers. I room temp'd cp'ed it still moved for me but didn't rice or seize.
    I might HP it next time. The scent is definitely one of the best stickers I have ever found in cp.
  • Author: Venus
    Awesome scent!!! My customers love this in burning oil. Once they try it they are totally addicted. Thank you for this scent!!!
  • Author: chris
    This was a little too strong of a scent for me..a little too cloying..I also had trouble with it ricing..(i usually subtract water for dye color..you wouldn't think subtracting a tablespoon per lb. would make a difference, but it did. i'd say go with 172. gr water per lb instead of 160.
    Maybe this FO could make a good blender?
  • Author: Sweetmade Soap
    This came out wonderful in moisturizing body spray and lotion. Strong and wonderful smelling. My husband loved it on me. A+
  • Author: Pat
    I received a sample of this with an order, loved it and immediately ordered a pound. Personally I like the smell of this one better in the bottle than in CP soap - in soap it has a bit of a "mothball" smell - but then again that's the difference between noses. Some people love it! I think I may work quite well in a lotion.
  • Author: Gwen B
    This moved really fast...I got 3 soaps poured in the mold then it got real thick and lumpy real fast. I had to keep stirring the soap to smooth it out enough to finish the pour. It's a darned good thing I put the colorant in the batch first, or I would have really been out of luck.
  • Author: Cynthia
    I love this fragrance.When used in CP Soap it creates an aroma that is like no other. The floral smell has my home smelling so wonderfu.
  • Author: Sue
    I haven't soaped this yet, but in leave-on products, it is truly intoxicating. I have smelled Kai dupes from other suppliers, but none comes close to capturing the magical scent like this one! I love it!
  • Author: Rachel Doherty
    Love this scent, used in CP but it's really strong so recommend .5oz/lb this FO moved fast for me and tried to rice on me but I managed to get it in log mold without too much fuss. the scent holds very well, and is a really gorgeous fragrance.
  • Author: sarah
    its a great dupe: clean, asian and green... one of the more popular scents for clients who come in for custom blend fragrances
  • Author: Roseanne Miske
    I used this in lotions first, and sold out in a weekend! I just tried it in CP, and I experienced ZERO acceleration! I was shocked! I was soaping at ~110 and I added .5 ounce to 20oz of oil before I added the lye. Poured at very thin trace, and the bars are so smooth and creamy! The scent did not morph or fade! LOVE this:)
  • Author: Kaiona
    OMG I love partly because my name is in it I say it's 5 stars
  • Author: Munchkie
    Clean, perfume-like, almost like shampoo with gardenia.
  • Author: Diana Adcock
    It's beautiful! NOT your Grandmother's Gardenia!!! I sold out the first day I offered it at my Farmer's Market.
  • Author: Donna
    Love Love my customers and me as well just love this one.
  • Author: Rhonda Gaylord
    Another floral that my customers are loving. This is not a old lady floral, sophisticated and lady-like. Very nice!
  • Author: Jerry Merritt
    Very nice scent, however, it does accelerate, especially if you water discount which I did. Not a problem since I wasn't swirling this batch. I have to make another batch and will change the water to 38%

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