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Juniper Aloe Fragrance

Juniper Aloe Fragrance
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Sparkling, fresh fragrance features fruity apple, peaches and clean melons. The heart of this fragrance is pure herb and woods with juniper, aloe and night blooming jasmine, with a slight dry down of soft heliotrope and musk.
You'll find this fragrance is a must-have from the moment you test it. This is a scent that should have been snagged by one of the "biggies". It is clean, fresh, strong and it lingers!!!!
SOY WAX: Yes... Awesome
CP SOAP: Yes. No trace acceleration or discoloration. Good scent, tested at .7 oz PPO
Soy Free
DPG free
Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
Alcohol Free
Glycerin Free
Phthalate Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free
Flash Point 189 F

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: CindyB
    This is an awesome scent. One of my best sellers. Works great in my soy candles and makes perfect CP soap.
  • Author: SarahE
    I just made soap in this scent for the first time last night. At my craft fair today, they sold out in 2 hours! People LOVE this scent.
  • Author: Judy
    This a beautiful fragrance in both Soap and candle tarts. It's been a bestseller in
    my soaps this summer. Clean and refreshing is how my customers describe it. It does accelerate in soap so keep temps low and keep liquid discounts low. No discoloration noted.
  • Author: katgirl
    Yum!! Very good, I did not notice any acceleration. Slight discoloration. One of my favorites!
  • Author: Valerie
    This scent is one of my favorites. Very clean and fresh-loved by both men and women. It is perfectly behaved in cp soap and the scent stays strong and true.
  • Author: JackieG
    When I received this FO, I wasn't all that impressed, but decided to scent some lotion & shower gel with it! OMG - this is fantastic! Clean, Fresh... CLEAN! I sold the lotion, and had a special order for this same scent in a bar soap! Must get more!!!
  • Author: Debby
    Instantly a hit in my Shea Body Butter. Very clean smelling like just getting out of the shower. Have to reorder already, may need bigger sizes then 16 oz.
  • Author: Brenda in Missouri
    I tried a sample of the Juniper Aloe from a friend and OMG is it ever SUPER DUPER in CP. It is my newest addition in my soap line and I am so very proud of it.
  • Author: Trish L
    Wonderful, clean-awesome! My husbands absolute favorite shower scent. Everyone that smells it inhales real deep and says "wow-that smells so nice!"
  • Author: Laura E
    Fantastic scent in oils and facial preparations. Does not cause irritation for even under eye applications. FABULOUS scent and very popular.
  • Author: shawne arnold
    Awesome!!! Super fresh and clean-just like it sounds-perfect, I got it for men but think I'll end up wearing myself too!
  • Author: Bonnie Ledlow
    If I hadn't received a sample of this fragrance in one of my orders, I probably wouldn't have purchased it. Frankly, I was expecting it to smell like..well, a tree. BUT, after one sniff from the sample, I was sold! I made a 3lb batch of CP soap with it a few days ago, and my house smells divine!
  • Author: Kathleen Burns
    Lovely scent! My first thought when smelling the sample is that this is an upscale spa scent. Can't wait to try it out on my customers!
  • Author: David Hill
    I used this FO in M&P test soaps and passed some out ito about a dozen friends and relatives. EVERONE wanted more! My brother ordered 10 full-sized bars in Goats Milk M&P. He told me he would NEVER buy soap anywhere but from me again! My wife and I love this very fresh smelling fragrance, too. It's the perfect soap scent. NEVER discontinue selling this, PLEASE.
  • Author: laelmommy
    My favorite so far.
  • Author: Taleda ~ Bliss Body & Bath
    Lovely! I've bought and been sorry for it, other "clean, fresh, green" etc FOs But Juniper Aloe is PERFECT! So very glad I purchased the 16oz and now, on to making amazing Summer products! Thanks Elements - please keep this always :)
  • Author: David Hill
    As a follow-up to a previous comment; I've been selling this fragrance for the past two years in M&P soap. I stock 20 fragrances. This is by far our best fragrance.
  • Author: Beth C.
    Omg! Amazing fragrance wish I ordered a larger size! Can't wait to use in my cp, soaps!
  • Author: Munchkie
    Sweet juniper, clean aloe. Almost like Juniper Breeze from Bath & Body Works but sweeter.
  • Author: MJR
    This is better than Juniper Breeze from BBW! It’s cleaner but also sweeter...that almost doesn’t make sense lol but that’s how I smell it! Wonderful throw in paraffin at 6%.
  • Author: Christine B.
    Love the sent, very soft and fresh sent. Will be back for a larger bottle.
  • Author: Kimber
    Lovely scent! A true fresh and clean fragrance. I actually find this scent more relaxing than lavender and it gets better every time you smell it!
  • Author: Becky Tamm
    Beautiful scent. It did speed up trace for me and rather quickly.
  • Author: Leila H
    OMG is this fragrance amazing! Excellent in CP soap - performs beautifully. And great HT in soy candles too! Everyone that smells it loves it. A new staple for me!
  • Author: The Soap Owl
    The scent is very nice and I think it'll be a big seller. However it did accelerate but I needed texture for the design I was going for. I did hand mix the scent into the other colors it did accelerate slightly in those ones.

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