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Jojoba Beads: Jade Green

Jojoba Beads: Jade Green
Jade Green Jojoba Beads
Price: $1.75
Small (1 Tbs) = $1.75
1 oz = $3.95
4 oz = $13
8 oz = $22
1 lb = $39

Our Jade Green Jojoba Beads are odorless & perfect for bar soap, body and facial washes, shower gels, scrubs and more! They are eye-appealing & attractive in your product and their gentle exfoliation feels incredible on the skin. These spheres won't scratch delicate skin like shells and they are the preferred exfoliate for those with nut allergies. Try mixing multiple colors for an absolutely gorgeous "confetti" look!
* When used in glycerin M&P and balms, the spheres tend to float to the top during cooling phase. Layering may achieve desired results, but we always recommend testing in small batches to ensure compatibility in your product.
Recommended Usage: 1-15%. Start with 1-2 Tbs per pound of base for light to medium exfoliation.
20/40 jojoba spheres are completely biodegradable and a renewable source.
Melting point 154 F - 161 F (68 C - 72 C)
Shelf Life: 2 years when stored in cool, dry place and protected from direct sunlight.
INCI: Hydrogenated Jojoba Wax, Chromium Hydroxide Green
Sold by weight
1 oz = approx 4 Tbs or 12 tsp
4 oz = approx 1 Cup
8 oz = approx 2 Cups
16 oz = approx 4 Cups

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