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Honey *L'Occitane Type* Fragrance

Honey *L'Occitane Type* Fragrance
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Honey & Chamomile Lotion Bars Recipe
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Inspired by the Provence honey bees, we've had the most delectable, sweet honey nectar formulated to tantalize your senses. Kissed with touches of star anise, star jasmine, sweet orange & blushing violet, this is the yummiest honey ever & you will want to drink it straight from the bottle (but please don't!).
Bath & Body Safe: soap, lotions, creams, scrubs, gels, balms, butters, body sprays, body washes, shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
Melt & Pour Soap
CP Soap: No acceleration, seizing or ricing, creamy ivory color
Paraffin Wax: Super strong in 8oz jar using CBL125 and 51 zinc
Soy Wax: 10 oz round jar wicked with HTP1212 &/or HTP1213, 1 oz per #, living area of 250 sq feet. Performed awesome after 3 day cure.
Potpourri, sachets, air fresheners, etc.
Vanilla content: 1.8%
Soy free
Gluten free
Cruelty free
Alcohol free
Paraben free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sabrina
    Beautiful super sweet scent. Soaped perfectly. Scent comes through clear and strong even in uncured milk based CP 3 hours post soaping. Just perfect.
  • Author: Beth
    I love this scent! It's wonderful in CP soap and lotions. This is a big hit with me!
  • Author: Kimberly Mowers
    love this fo, great for mixing, i added it to lavender maruska, excellent!(cp soap)
  • Author: Kimberly Mowers
    love this honey scent, used it in lotions bars, fabulous!
  • Author: Jennifer
    I just received the L'Occitaine Honey (type) fragrance oil and holy cow am I in LOVE!! Most "type" FO's smell similar but not exact, or (even worse) sometimes they don't smell anything LIKE the original. But this one is identical! Love, love, love it! Fast shipping, great products, I'm hooked!
  • Author: katgirl
    Yum! Cp soap, 1 oz ppo, very nice sweet. Great scent, strong, but not too strong.
  • Author: Lyn
    Amazing to soap with and love the fact that you can walk into the bathroom and smell it sitting in the soapdish!!!!!
  • Author: Andrea
    This scent is best described as yummy -makes you want to roll in it! Very sweet, strong scent. I used it in cp soap and the scent comes through well.
  • Author: Rose
    Must agree with all the previous reviewers. I am in love with this scent! Very beautiful, it's even better in product than straight out of the bottle, just awesome!
  • Author: Christine
    I have yet to use it in a product but can't wait to do so. I received a sample yesterday, which had slightly spilled in the packaging (it happens). I don't normally use fragrance oils except for certain customers but I'm thinking about breaking that policy since smelling this! Absolutely LOVE it!
  • Author: Bonbon
    I have received this as a free sample and this is really the L'occitane type sweet smell that I loved. Used in CP soap. Strong but comfortable that the scent can be smelled clearly when you use the soap but not making your body full of the smell after washing. Excellent. It smells like floral magnolia to me too.
  • Author: Lea
    This scent is insane. I haven\'t tried it yet but it smells like fresh honeycomb. I already lost 1/4 of my sample size because my roomate kept needing to sniff it again & it is solely responsible for me branching into melt and pour soup. It screems I want to be amazing in a creamy base.
  • Author: Judy
    I fell in love with this OOB. To me it smells a little like lychee and mangosteen, a very light hint of tropical fruit. CP soaped it today and had no problems with acceleration or discoloring. This is one of the best things I've ever smelled. It's going on my permanent wish list.
  • Author: Lisa K.
    I received this as a sample and thought it would be perfect to add to my citrus honey rebatch. I really like this honey scent and am ordering more tonight, I have smelled many others and...yuck! I'll give an update after I un-mold and cure for a few days :)
  • Author: Kathleen Burns
    Absolutely love this! It smells like honeycomb oob, but in products it takes on a deeper, richer tone, with a powdery finish (to my nose). It smells to me like a fine perfume on the skin. I plan on using this in perfumes and lotion, to start. Just wonderful!
  • Author: Janet
    Received this as a sample and I absolutely love it! Great with MP soap and lotions. Scent is wonderful and relaxing. Going to try it in my candles -- I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
  • Author: Sunny
    Fabulous scent and soaped beautifully. No ricing, no seizing. Still waiting for full cure to determine how the fragrance holds up but so far, so good.
  • Author: Lynda Smith
    Strong, strong true honey fragrance.
  • Author: Shayna
    Just used this in a hard lotion bar recipe. It smells great. Very much like Lush's "honey I washed the kids"
  • Author: Tanya
    I am very frustrated with myself for only buying a sample of this! I want more so badly. I do not think I've ever had quite this extreme of a reaction to a scent before. This is truly intoxicating.
  • Author: Rachel V
    Wonderful! The truest of honey scents and amazingly strong. I just finished a 4 lb batch of HP soap with it and it behaved beautifully. No seize or funny business...it's very strong while cooling down, but afterwards mellows into the perfect honey scent. Stays on the skin in a nice way after using. I used 1 oz pp, but this one can get away with less for sure.
  • Author: Jackie C
    Intoxicating and beautiful fragrance! I cannot get enough--made melt and pour soaps and many other forms of lotion, spray, hand cream, etc to use. All time favorite! Performs well--
  • Author: Aqueelah
    Mmmmmm...absolutely deliscious. This is a sexy, sweet fragrance...Omg ladies, you will love this. A must have!
  • Author: Gwen B.
    This fragrance is STRONG...I have used it in CP soap, lotion and soy candles. Performs very well in all these.
  • Author: Elizabeth M
    I wasn't sure if this scent would meet my expectations, but it is absolutely lovely and has surpassed any and all expectations. I have only used it to scent a hair conditioning spray (leave-in conditioner) so far but look forward to using in my next CP soap batch and lotions.
  • Author: Katie Y.
    Everyone Loves this scent & it's become 1 of my best sellars in my CP soap line.
    Makes a nice bar. Hope they don't discontinue this for a long time.
  • Author: ququnest
    My favorite honey scent!
    Behave well in CP soap.
    Strong, beautifulll scent, everybody love it
  • Author: S.L.
    Smells really really good in cp soap with honey! Accelerated trace for me but it could be because of my water discount.
  • Author: Alissa Ponder
    This does smell like farm fresh honey! It's so lovely, I literally wrap myself in it (co-wash, conditioner, curl cream, curl definer, and hard hold gel, as well as body wash, lotion bar AND body spray!)
    I first received a sample, and immediately came back and bought a bigger bottle, I couldn't get enough and have already bought 2 more!
  • Author: Bindu
    Amazing scent, total 5 stars. I wanted to find the perfect honey for my brother-in-law's - (a bee-keeper - soaps, and have ordered what seems like a zillion (OK, maybe only 8) honey or honey combos and never found the right one, always too much of something other than honey. The quest ends here.

    I don't even like honey that much myself, but this stuff is intoxicating, definitely making some up for myself. A must-have for anyone who likes honey or has it in their sales line.
  • Author: Brandi
    This fragrance is 100% identical to L'Occitane Honey Gentle Water. Not even one iota different. It's a perfect reproduction. I'm not sure who blended this or what it's called on other websites but this is what I've been searching for, for years. Could not be happier.
  • Author: Alisha
    No fake honey smell here! It smells like natural honey and was excellent in a sugar scrub.
  • Author: Michelle 'Old Factory Apothecary'
    This decadent scent is an exact copy of the original L'Occitane fragrance. If I could bathe in this for the rest of my life I'd be a happy person. Great of its own or blended with citrus.
  • Author: Jeri
    This is my very favorite scent. So delicious smelling....Perfection! I hope y'all keep this one. Can't even find the L'Occitane perfume of this anymore.
  • Author: Shelby Crandell
    I really like this scent. Great in CP. Nice honey smell, not too sweet. Scent holds great.
  • Author: Katie Y. in Michigan
    Both mine & customer favorite year around. I never let myself run out of this FO.
  • Author: Jennifer Gilbert
    Amazing! I will never use another honey scent for my products after trying this one.
  • Author: Chloe
    If you're looking for that true flowery honey scent (like the L'Occitane honey scent), look no further. This is exactly it, with no chemical undertones or anything unpleasant. Smells just like some artisanal honey soaps I bought in the french countryside. Looking forward to making soaps and candles with this fragrance oil!
  • Author: Ellen Radke
    I am loving this in my melt and pour!!!
  • Author: MJR
    This is one strong Honey! I used it in paraffin wax at about 6% and it is STRONG! Great scent, a true honey!
  • Author: Bonnie
    I am curing CP soap made with this. It has a light sweet scent, slightly floral, reminds me of wildflower honey. I soaped with Powdered Milk added to the oils and the batch turned brown when left overnight on the table to cure uncovered. I have 2 orders already on social media with just posting the scent used.
  • Author: Ann Rein
    This is my absolute go-to honey scent, it's a true honey, no off scents to it at all. My beekeeping heart loves it :)
  • Author: Rhonda Gaylord
    forgot how much I loved this fragrance. My customers are buying this up quick. Used in body products, room sprays and wax melts, a little goes a long way with this FO
  • Author: Amber
    Very potent, very sweet-smelling wildflower honey scent! Blended this, equal parts, with "Lime Crystal Kisses" for a sensational honey-lime aroma in CP! Used at 6%, next time I'll use less because it truly doesn't take much to get fragrant results... My soaps @4wks smell just as strong as day 1! No A, R, S or D, this blend behaved perfectly! Plenty of time for a 6-color intricate design w/piped top, and the aroma is simply scrumptious! Really enjoyed this FO on its own, but it played so beautifully as part of a blend too!
  • Author: Temple Earth
    This smells absolutely fantastic! It did accelerate trace a bit but not too bad. I'll try it again with a different soap recipe. I think this would smell great in any hair product (which I will try next!)
  • Author: JJ
    I use this in Melt & Pour soap. I love it and so do my customers. I can't keep it in stock!
  • Author: Amber B.
    I just wanted to quickly update that this FO did eventually discolor my soaps to a light tan in my white-colored portions, but did not affect other colors. Not a severe discoloration & nothing that dissuaded people from buying the them though! I still have 1 bar left that I saved for myself... MONTHS later, the aroma is still going strong!!
  • Author: Joyce Newman
    The most amazing fragrance! I use this in melt & pour soap and can hardly keep it on the shelves. My customers by 6 bars at a time because they are afraid that I will run out!

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