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Herbal Bath Tea

Soothing herbal bath tea

If you want to relax in the tub, an herbal bath tea is the way to go. It gives you all of the benefits of herbs and aromatherapy without the messy residue. You simply fill the tub and drop one packet in. Then, get in and enjoy the sensation of the warm water, the benefits to the mind of the aromatherapy, and the knowledge that your body benefits from the other nourishing ingredients. When you are done, drain the water out and easily rinse out the tub. No scrubbing to perform after your relaxing bath. You will appreciate that! See how much you will appreciate it - buy some herbal bath tea today. Then, make time for yourself and enjoy the soaking experience.

Useful herbal bath tea recipes

If you are new to the creation of herbal products, but want to make a treat for your best friend for her birthday, come to Elements Bath and Body. We offer free herbal bath tea recipes that are easy to follow and easy to make (note: make sure you understand how to use each ingredient before you start and do not try variations on the recipes if you do understand the ingredients thoroughly). You can also buy all of the ingredients for the tea at our website. Of course, you should put your new creation into a muslin drawstring bag, which you can also buy here. We even offer the perfect package for the presentation of your exciting gift. They will love the fact that you thought enough about them to take the time to personalize a present for them, and they will enjoy using the great soak you made from our herbal bath tea recipes even more!