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Flowerbomb *Viktor & Rolf Type* Fragrance

Flowerbomb *Viktor & Rolf Type* Fragrance
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A floral symphony of jasmine, freesia, orchid, rose, tea, patchouli, woody musk and vanilla. When you smell this you're going to say, "floral explosion!". The florals are in there, but the woody musk and patchouli dominates this oil. A mysterious and alluring scent. You're going to love it even if you're not a floral fan. *Viktor & Rolf Type*
SOY WAX: Yes. 10 oz round jar wicked with HTP1212 &/or HTP1213, 1 oz per lb, living area of 250 sq feet. Performed great after 4 day cure & performed awesome after 2 wk cure.
GEL: Yes
CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. Discolored to a medium tan. Holds scent very well. Tested at .7oz per lb.
Flash Point > 200

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kimberly Mowers
    love this scent! hard to explain, but great! I got it as a "freebie" thanks, elements.
  • Author: michael & Janie K.
    Just love it. I use paraffin wax and it kicks butt and the fragrance is a floral exlosion.
  • Author: kimberly gracia
    incase you are wondering, Yes it smells as good as the original. Love it, thank you elements.
  • Author: Evie
    I can't believe it. The blend I bought from you out ranked the blends selling for 9.00 and 16.00 PER ounce.....in fact, I can't stand the afterscent of the other companies and they are well known. This is just right.....great job! And the manuka lavender? same thing. Awesome and its proof that you don't always have to break the bank for a good product.
  • Author: Casey
    Ordered initially as a sample...love it! I am not big on flowery scents, only usually the earthy smells and lavender. I love this though!
  • Author: Cheryl L
    One of my bestsellers. Can't tell the difference between this and the original!
  • Author: Kathleen Burns
    Very nice, light floral. Haven't smelled Flowerbomb, but this is very nice.
  • Author: Lynda
    First, when I smelled the original I thought I'd hate it b/c of the name. I am very picky with perfumes and this one just blew me away. It's fantastic. This is a really, really good dupe (it's a little concentrated so I can use less). This scent is expensive and it's so affordable from this company. I'll never buy it anywhere else!!!
  • Author: Nneka Prince
    Different, in a good way!
  • Author: Morganna
    Wow, this one is so beautiful, had 2 guys test sniff it and asked if it smelled like a very expensive perfume and they wholeheartedly agreed. This one is a masterpiece.
  • Author: Michele Jankowski
    wasn't crazy about it when I took a sniff from the bottle, but it's awesome in products. Haven't tried it in CP soap yet, but that's next!
  • Author: Bella
    This fragrance is amazing. I offer it in my body butters and it has been a big hit. The scent lasts all day so you don't even need perfume!
  • Author: Danielle
    I'm so excited about this! I've been wearing flower bomb for years, now I can make my own.
  • Author: Ravenna
    I had never heard of the original, but this scent is absolutely wonderful! It's flowery, but not overwhelmingly floral. It's a difficult scent to describe but absolutely unique and wonderful.
  • Author: Maria
    I took a chance and ordered this as I couldn't recall if I had smelled it before. I am so glad I did, I'm ordering more, this is going to be my signature scent! It's floral but not sickly sweet, it's more of a woodsy/spicey/floral. In total love! Highly recommend this scent!
  • Author: Deborah
    I used this in cp soap, and the girls in my family are reserving bars for themselves. I guess I better make more.
  • Author: Millicent Richardson
    I had a customer request this scent. Which has been very hard to find. At least hard to find the scent that is basically dead on to the original. Well I do not have to look anymore. I purchased the 8oz. just see what would happen. I sold out of my body butters and scrubs in two days. OMG thank you for making such an amazing fragrance. I just placed another order for the highly requested fragrance.
  • Author: Teresa Lowe
    Oh wow!! I have had to downsize on my perfume spending since my son arrived in my life 2 years ago.I've been using Flowerbomb for the past several years (maybe since 2005? I can't remember exactly) And it just occurred to me that I could try to make my own. I found this site because of this version of the flowerbomb scent. I ordered it, the order arrived within a few days as promised. And YES i'm happy to say that this is so close to the original!! This is my new go-to fragrance. Thank you so much!!
  • Author: Twyla Stroder
    Love this! My customers love it! Thank you!

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