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Floral or "Green"

Fragrance oils sold by weight, not volume & fill levels will vary.
As a general rule, if using Floral FO's in CP Soap, use cool temps. This will reduce the risk of seizing.

If Hot Processing (HP), allow your hot soap to cool to under 200F before incorporating FO to prevent fragrance evaporation (flashing off). Stir well.

Antahala Vanilla Fragrance Antahala Vanilla Fragrance
An intoxicating wild vanilla from the Antahala Valley region of Madagascar with fruity hints of cherry blossom top-notes, subtle orchid and lily middle-notes and an ambery, white musk base-note that lingers all day. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: testing...   [see reviews]
Aqua *Pier 1 Type* Fragrance Aqua *Pier 1 Type* Fragrance
Wonderful water scent - feel the sea spray from the ocean air. Brings sparkling overtones of fresh ozone, sea spray, water greens infused with lily, white roses, peony, teakwood, freesia and soft whispers of sandalwood. ~Pier 1 type~ Bath & Body Safe: lotion, cream,...   [see reviews]
Awapuhi Fragrance Awapuhi Fragrance
Intensely *fresh and clean* with delicate exotic floral notes, the Awapuhi ginger flower originated in India and made its way to the Hawaiian Islands. It has a long history of being the shampoo flower and is prevalent in salon shampoos. Wonderful scent for all body and hair...   [see reviews]
Balsam & Citrus Fragrance Balsam & Citrus Fragrance
Christmas in paradise! Beautiful balsam fir surrounded by sparkling notes of orange, grapefruit and crushed cranberries with a background of sandalwood, clove & cinnamon. When testing in Paraffin and Soy waxes, an 8 oz jar filled the room and lingered all through the...   [see reviews]
Black Bamboo Pikake Fragrance Black Bamboo Pikake Fragrance
Dark, sensual bamboo that's more floral and woody than green with a surprising delicate sweetness. Dewy citron top note is complemented by gardenia pikake and plumeria with hints of star anise and well-balanced base notes of soft bamboo, patchouli and sandalwood. BATH &...   [see reviews]
Blooming Gardenia Fragrance Blooming Gardenia Fragrance
This is not your every day gardenia! Delicate gardenia flowers and lotus petals are the highlights in this beautiful blend, but it also includes orange flowers, sweet blackberries, ylang ylang, coconut and soft musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX:...   [see reviews]
Blossom Fragrance Blossom Fragrance
Delightfully upscale, floral bouquet with hints of citrusy-lemon, delicate florals and sweetness. Awesome for candles, body powders, soap bars, shampoos and bubble baths. Bath & Body Safe: lotion, cream, scrub, gel, balm, butter, salt, body spray, shampoo, conditioner, etc....   [see reviews]
Blue Lilac Fragrance Blue Lilac Fragrance
Be inspired by the delicate, gorgeous scent of lilac blooms year-round with this incredible fragrance. Bath & Body Safe: lotion, cream, scrub, gel, balm, butter, salt, body spray, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Melt & Pour Soap: Yes CP Soap: No seizing, ricing, acceleration or...   [see reviews]
Blue Lotus Fragrance Blue Lotus Fragrance
Intoxicating exotic blue Egyptian lotus type, opening with citron, casaba melon and cassis top-notes, followed by a floral bouquet of jasmine, water lily, ylang ylang, rose and honeysuckle, finishing with soft musky green notes. So delicate and perfect, it's as if you're...   [see reviews]
Calabrian Bergamot Violet Fragrance Calabrian Bergamot Violet Fragrance
Delightful fresh, clean, delicate floral scent... not perfume-like. You'll think you're sitting on a patio surrounded by flower gardens. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts...   [see reviews]
Christmas Splendor Fragrance Christmas Splendor Fragrance
Cinnamon and clove combined with apples, citrus, oak and pine. PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes. Max usage 2.49% CP SOAP: Yes. Max usage 2.49%. No acceleration, no seizing, no ricing. Discolors to tan POTPOURRI, SACHETS, AIR...   [see reviews]
Christmas Tree Fragrance Christmas Tree Fragrance
This smells just like a fresh cut Christmas tree. Excellent scent for the Holidays, as well as year-round. PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes BATH & BODY SAFE: 1.3% max for leave-on (ie: lotion). 4% max usage for wash-off (ie: soap) MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes (4% max usage) CP...   [see reviews]
Clarity Fragrance Clarity Fragrance
Well-balanced, clean, bright ozone-y floral that sustains all day. Super fresh with a delicate green tone, this opens with bergamot, melon and lemon, middle-note of clove, jasmine, ozone mist, marine and grapefruit and a finish of orange blossom, fruity potpourri, ocean and...   [see reviews]
Crystal Sunshine Fragrance Crystal Sunshine Fragrance
Unique blend of sweet grapefruit combined with the delicate touch of honeysuckle, tones of warm crisp greenery and accented with hints of musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: YES. 1 oz. per 1 lb. Great Cold & Hot Throw! MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes CP...   [see reviews]
Demure Jasmine Petals *Fresh Type* Fragrance Demure Jasmine Petals *Fresh Type* Fragrance
Pink Jasmine is a signature fresh scent! A delicate blend of romantic fragrant jasmine petals intertwined with precious woods, sweet blood red orange, floral blends of white lilac, magnolia, peony, freesia and tiare flowers softly kissed by peaches and marshmallow. *Fresh®...   [see reviews]
Downpour *Pier 1 Type* Fragrance Downpour *Pier 1 Type* Fragrance
A delicate spray of ozone gently infused with a floral blend of lily of the valley, white jasmine & geranium mixed with citrus blends of orange and lemon kissed by hints of musk. Our "Downpour" is the essence of refreshing, clean & relaxing. ~Pier 1 Type~ BATH & BODY...   [see reviews]
Eucalyptus Spearmint *B&BW Type* Fragrance Eucalyptus Spearmint *B&BW Type* Fragrance
Stress relief blend of eucalyptus & spearmint will invigorate & soothe. B&BW Type "Stress Relief" BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN WAX: YES SOY WAX: YES. Fantastic in Soy. Wonderful, strong scent throw. GEL: YES MELT & POUR: YES CP SOAP: YES. No acceleration or...   [see reviews]
Exotic Amazon Teakwood Fragrance Exotic Amazon Teakwood Fragrance
Very sophisticated, with tropical notes of the rain forest highlighted by apple, bamboo, pine needles and leafy greens. In the center of this delightful fragrance, you'll find luscious green mosses, fir and balsam, spruce, teakwood and fresh cut cedar. All of this enveloped...   [see reviews]
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Flowerbomb *Viktor & Rolf Type* Fragrance Flowerbomb *Viktor & Rolf Type* Fragrance
A floral symphony of jasmine, freesia, orchid, rose, tea, patchouli, woody musk and vanilla. When you smell this you're going to say, "floral explosion!". The florals are in there, but the woody musk and patchouli dominates this oil. A mysterious and alluring scent. You're...   [see reviews]
Frangipani (Plumeria) Fragrance Frangipani (Plumeria) Fragrance
Frangipani is one of the most requested floral fragrance oils because it is fresh, clean & beautiful. The light, delicate scent of the Frangipani (Plumeria) flower, also known as the Lei flower, is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean and South...   [see reviews]
Fresh Floral Honeydew Fragrance Fresh Floral Honeydew Fragrance
Not just your typical floral & honeydew! A fresh and pretty fragrance, which has a fruity mix of pineapple, sweet watermelon, strawberries and apples with a light background of jasmine, violets and pansies. Incredible year round, but especially popular in Spring &...   [see reviews]
Ginger & White Tea Fragrance Ginger & White Tea Fragrance
This exotic fragrance opens with a burst of ginger flower and fresh Fuji apple, with herbaceous soft middle notes of wild thyme and water lotus and hints of peony blossoms. The dry down is soft whispers of sandalwood and cedar, warmed by vanilla bean. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes...   [see reviews]
Green Hibiscus Peach Fragrance Green Hibiscus Peach Fragrance
A non-discoloring fragrance with top notes of soft peach, blackberry and apricot kernel, followed by a floral bouquet of night blooming jasmine and green hibiscus and finished with warm, creamy musky base-notes. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: testing...   [see reviews]
Hawaiian Hibiscus Fragrance Hawaiian Hibiscus Fragrance
Delightful, fresh floral bouquet of Hawaiian hibiscus infused with sprigs of lavender and sweet violets, then kissed softly by sunlit green citrus notes. BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN: YES SOY: YES. Tester stated: "This was the hands down favorite of everyone who...   [see reviews]
Hidden Orchard Fragrance Hidden Orchard Fragrance
Orchard blossoms, applewood and pronounced fruity, crisp apple notes play over a soft base of oakmoss and patchouli. Floral rosy-jasmine middle-notes, and a gingery, white musk add a mysterious allure. Oil Color: dark tan BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX:...   [see reviews]
Hollyberry Fragrance Hollyberry Fragrance
Classic Holiday blend of mulled holiday fruits, followed by a crisp, green Douglas Fir middle-note and a warm patchouli, musky base. It's the perfect blend of pine, holly, berries and citrus. PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes Soap: Yes. No...   [see reviews]
Hyacinth Fragrance Hyacinth Fragrance
Absolutely THE best, most true hyacinth flower fragrance! Lovely notes include lavandin, jasmine, lavender, rose, myrrh, sage & sheer musk. VERY strong, so use sparingly. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes, strong GEL: No MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes CP...   [see reviews]
Island Temptations *Tropical Passionfruit BBW type* Island Temptations *Tropical Passionfruit BBW type*
Intoxicating blend of of mandarin oranges, exotic passion fruit, papaya, and apricot nectar intertwined with irresistible musk and coconut milk. This scent will whisk you away to the tropics! ~Tropical Passionfruit B&BW type~ BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY...   [see reviews]
Juniper Aloe Fragrance Juniper Aloe Fragrance
Sparkling, fresh fragrance features fruity apple, peaches and clean melons. The heart of this fragrance is pure herb and woods with juniper, aloe and night blooming jasmine, with a slight dry down of soft heliotrope and musk. You'll find this fragrance is a must-have from...   [see reviews]
Kai type Fragrance Kai type Fragrance
Kai is a light, intoxicating scent sold at exclusive boutiques and spas all over the world, with devotees varying from "everyday people" to celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone and more. Kai is the perfect blend of tropical...   [see reviews]
Lavender Apples & Oak Fragrance Lavender Apples & Oak Fragrance
Warm, inviting fragrance oil that has been blended to perfection, with soft, lovely lavender & juicy apples. It is difficult to extract the individual scents from this forest type blend, but it is a favorite when used in products such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, hand...   [see reviews]
Lavender Fragrance Lavender Fragrance
This Lavender oil is the closest match we've ever found to the flower. We have tested many, but finally we found one that actually smells of lavender and not powdery, little old ladies. This fragrance oil is in very high demand for all toiletries, not just soap making. Of...   [see reviews]
Lavender Martini Fragrance Lavender Martini Fragrance
What do you get when you mix lavender with vodka, add a sprig of sage and basil, then kiss with white musk and a soft woodsy base? An upscale, spa-like scent that will make you scream WOWZERS! Definitely NOT your average lavender scent... very clean and absolutely...   [see reviews]
Lemongrass & Sage Fragrance Lemongrass & Sage Fragrance
Splendid blend of crisp lemongrass, gently blended with the herbal essence of honey sage. Includes notes of rosewood and almond, kissed by rose, lily and cyclamen. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. Tester stated "Lovely scent. Although not true to...   [see reviews]
Lime & Cilantro Fragrance Lime & Cilantro Fragrance
Incredibly refreshing blend of fresh lime and crisp cilantro. Aroma of fresh lime tossed with green cilantro, Jasmine petals and Lily of the Valley, then spritzed with lemon juice and soft musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. Tester stated:...   [see reviews]
Madagascar Vanilla Orchid Fragrance Madagascar Vanilla Orchid Fragrance
Rich, lush aroma of Madagascar Vanilla Bean infused with delicate orchid petals will make the senses fall in love! BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN WAX: YES SOY WAX: YES. Tester stated: "Surprisingly, a better thrower than I thought it would be. At 1.5 oz/lb, very nice...   [see reviews]
Manuka Lavender Body Wrap Fragrance Manuka Lavender Body Wrap Fragrance
New Zealand Manuka Honey has been beloved for centuries for its amazing healing properties. We blend this high quality fragrance oil with the extracts of freshly harvested lavender buds and a hint of bergamot to give it an intoxicating essence that is soft, yet sweetly...   [see reviews]
Mediterranean Garden Spa Fragrance Mediterranean Garden Spa Fragrance
Crisp bergamot and clean fresh air blends with green foliages of euphorbias, Russian olive, rosemary and Artemisia with gentle hints of wild violets, salvia, lavendula augustifolia, and pink verbena. All of this on a rich, earthy base of green oaks, acacia, palms and aloe....   [see reviews]
Mistletoe Kisses Fragrance Mistletoe Kisses Fragrance
Uplifting blend of freshly cut evergreen mixed with hints of eucalyptus and holiday berries. Wonderful Holiday scent & year-round great seller. One sniff and you'll be searching for the Mistletoe! BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. : Awesome! Very...   [see reviews]
Moonbeam Fragrance Moonbeam Fragrance
Emanating with vitality, this fruity-green fragrance shines with a bergamot, apple, and intense apricot top-note, a glimmer of soft white floral and green agave middle-note, and finishing with a woody, creamy coconut base-note. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY...   [see reviews]
Moonlight Path *B&BW Type* Fragrance Moonlight Path *B&BW Type* Fragrance
An all time favorite type of Bath & Body Works! Absolutely fabulous blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Coriander with middle notes of Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Tuberose, Ylang, Lily of the Valley and base notes of Sandalwood, Vetyver, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Amber, Musk. BATH &...   [see reviews]
Mountain Jasmine Fragrance Mountain Jasmine Fragrance
Sensual accords of mystical jasmine seduce your senses and classic notes of gentle rose romance the heart. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, no seizing, no ricing, no discoloration POTPOURRI,...   [see reviews]
Olive Leaf & Lime Fragrance Olive Leaf & Lime Fragrance
Zesty lime, olive leaf and mandarin have been delicately blended with orange peel, lotus petals, and green aloe, then touched with warm Indonesian Patchouli and musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN WAX: YES SOY WAX: testing MELT & POUR SOAP: YES CP SOAP: YES. No...   [see reviews]
Passionflower Fragrance Passionflower Fragrance
A delicate blend of bergamot, bright cassis and wild orchid top notes, middle notes of tropical passionfruit, plumeria, and jasmine and base notes of rosewater, tuberose and Tahitian musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN WAX: YES SOY WAX: testing MELT & POUR SOAP:...   [see reviews]
Peony Fragrance Peony Fragrance
Full-bodied, romantic floral bursting with peony blooms. Delightfully fresh and true, its lush peony notes underscored with hints of green fields, wild flowers, rose petals and lilac. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: testing MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes...   [see reviews]
Persian Lilac Fragrance Persian Lilac Fragrance
An intoxicating floral bouquet with a hint of spice and musk that holds true to its namesake. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, no seizing, no ricing, no discoloration. "Outstanding fragrance!!!"...   [see reviews]
Phoenix *Axe Type* Fragrance Phoenix *Axe Type* Fragrance
Masculine, aquatic floral blend of lavender leaf and green mandarin top-notes, combined with middle-notes of Jasmine, basil, sage, warm-violet and earthy geranium, & perfectly completed with a vetiver, sandalwood and leathery-amber musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX:...   [see reviews]
Pink Petals Fragrance Pink Petals Fragrance
A romantic breeze of pink geranium kissed with tangy red currant and pomegranate on a bed of powdery peach ambergris softened with vanilla, amber and sexy musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: testing MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes CP SOAP: Yes. No seizing, no...   [see reviews]
Rocky Mountain Christmas Fragrance (Frag Oil Heaven) Rocky Mountain Christmas Fragrance (Frag Oil Heaven)
* THIS ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS IS THE SAME OIL THAT WAS CARRIED BY FRAGRANCE OIL HEAVEN* Reminiscent of quality family time traveling to the tree lot to choose your fresh cut Christmas Tree. True Pine Scent! Intoxicating aromas of Blue Spruce, Northern Pine and Douglas...   [see reviews]
Sea Goddess Fragrance Sea Goddess Fragrance
Crisp and clean fresh air and ocean green top-notes, middle-notes of night blooming jasmine, muguet and mossy-greens and finishing with ambery, musky, cedar-like base-notes. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: testing MELT & POUR SOAP: Yes CP SOAP: Yes....   [see reviews]
Secret Garden Fragrance Secret Garden Fragrance
This enchanting garden path includes the essences of water lilies, tulips and lotus blossoms with hints of apricot, peach & geranium. Makes beautiful CP soap and strong in candles and body products. A very unique fragrance that will open your senses to a new realm. This also...   [see reviews]
Sensuous Black Rose Fragrance Sensuous Black Rose Fragrance
Magically passionate blend of "black" roses with whispers of lily, violet and jasmine kissed by soft woods and sensual musk. Let the magic of this scent embrace you. BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN WAX: YES SOY WAX: YES. Tester stated: "Fabulous scent -- each burn got...   [see reviews]
Sparkling Citrus Sangria Fragrance Sparkling Citrus Sangria Fragrance
Zesty citrus perfectly blended with wild berries, citrus rind, crystallized sugar and vanilla. Not your typical straight tart lemon or lemon sugar, this fragrance has a slightly more sophisticated lemon bouquet, well balanced with a hint of softness. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes...   [see reviews]
Sparkling Green Tea Fragrance Sparkling Green Tea Fragrance
The freshest Oolong green tea leaves are grown in the Tung Ting Mountains, where the altitude is over 6000 feet & the air is clean & crisp. This is a highly aromatic tea with a slight floral scent and a splash of champagne for sparkle. A full bodied, sweet and refreshing...   [see reviews]
Sweet & Sexy Fragrance Sweet & Sexy Fragrance
Out of the shower fresh with a citrus-sweet touch, gently sprinkled with powdery rose and geranium then whispered by sultry jasmine and sexy musk. Oh so sweet but sexy scent! BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. Tester stated "Poured at 1 oz per lb....   [see reviews]
Sweetgrass Fragrance Sweetgrass Fragrance
Sweetgrass fragrance oil is a fresh, clean unisex scent with the perfect green notes. Not "perfume-y" & absolutely fabulous OOB. It's like standing in a field of grass (but not that sharp green lawn grass). This is as close to a true native sweetgrass that I've smelled....   [see reviews]
Treasure of the Orient Fragrance Treasure of the Orient Fragrance
Sultry and complex, a scent reminiscent of mulled pomegranate and rich spices of the Far East are imported into your home. Grassy orange and almond top-notes, complemented by middle notes of creamy plum, sassafras and jasmine, then balanced with base-notes of powdery musk...   [see reviews]
Tropical White Musk Fragrance Tropical White Musk Fragrance
Warm and mysterious blend of musk, lily, ylang ylang and amber that come together with peach, oakmoss and a bit of the tropics. This fragrance pairs nicely with our Tuscan Lace. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Very nice cold & hot throw using HTP 93....   [see reviews]
Tuscan Herb *Pier 1 type* Fragrance Tuscan Herb *Pier 1 type* Fragrance
Intoxicating aromas of fresh-picked tomatoes, red currants, leafy greens and Italian basil, with underlying tones of earth and sandalwood complete this perfect scent. ~Pier 1 type~ BATH & BODY SAFE: YES PARAFFIN WAX: YES SOY WAX: YES. Tester stated: "This is a...   [see reviews]
Verbena & Berries Fragrance Verbena & Berries Fragrance
Sweet verbena blooms mixed with blackberry, peach & strawberry enveloped in a floral bouquet of water lily, honeysuckle, rose & white musk. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes Melt & Pour: Yes CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, no seizing, no ricing....   [see reviews]
Vineyard Bouquet Fragrance Vineyard Bouquet Fragrance
Luscious grapes all grown-up in a delicious "green" Pinot Fragrance. Top notes of citrus, ginger, aldehydic green grape and pear with a spiced fruit, floral, warm clove, cinnamon and honey middle and a soft drydown of vanilla, muguet and musk. Excellent in wine-based soaps...   [see reviews]
White Tea & Thyme Fragrance White Tea & Thyme Fragrance
An herbaceous tea type. Soft, white-bud mild tea with green-twiglike floral heart of rose petals and thyme completed with a subtle woody cedar and white musk base-note. Oil Color: clear yellow BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: YES. 7% in candles yielded...   [see reviews]
Wild Honeysuckle Fragrance Wild Honeysuckle Fragrance
Rich scent of Wild Honeysuckle plants in full bloom. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. MELT & POUR SOAP: YES CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, no seizing, no ricing, no discoloration. "Incredibly true-to-life fragrance!" POTPOURRI, SACHETS, AIR...   [see reviews]
Wild Mint & Moss Fragrance Wild Mint & Moss Fragrance
Green leafy herbs and crisp citrus top notes balanced with middle notes of wild flowers and red roses meld beautifully with an amber, cedar and musk base. Whether you are a fan of mint or not, this is a harmonious blend that is sure to please. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes...   [see reviews]
Wild Sage Cassis Fragrance Wild Sage Cassis Fragrance
The crispness of wild sage rounded out with tart cassis is sure to be a year-round staple! A comforting, citrus-green floral type with a sparkling top-note of tangerine, lime, grapefruit, apricot and cassis, middle-notes of jasmine, lily and neroli with an earthy patchouli...   [see reviews]
Willow Whispers Fragrance Willow Whispers Fragrance
Blend of green tea and willow combined with water-cress, ozone, orange flower, jasmine and cyclamen, then sprinkled with hints of amber and cedar. BATH & BODY SAFE: Yes PARAFFIN WAX: Yes SOY WAX: Yes. Tester stated: "Incredibly awesome scent 1.5 oz per lb". GEL: Yes...   [see reviews]