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Flavor Oil Sweetener

Lip Balm Sweetener: Stevia in Coconut Oil Lip Balm Sweetener: Stevia in Coconut Oil
Stevia suspended in organic coconut oil is an all natural and vegan sweetener that is easy to incorporate in your lip balms, butters & glosses. Derived from a South American herb that has been used as a sweetener for hundreds of years, Stevia is up to 30 times...   [see reviews]
Lip-Smacking Sweetener Oil Lip-Smacking Sweetener Oil
Our liquid sweetener flavor oil is so Lip-Smacking good & super easy to incorporate. Flavor oils are great, but they don't have any true "flavor". They're highly concentrated food grade fragrance oils, so although they are perfectly safe for lips, you can't taste them. For...   [see reviews]