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Below are listed some of the frequently asked questions we receive. Please read through these and if your question is not answered, feel free to contact us and we'll get right back to you. Thank you for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions... how can we help?

When will my order ship?
We strive for a turnaround time of 1 business day or less, but orders can take up to 3 business days to ship. Please note that we are closed on Fridays, so our business days are Monday - Thursday. We will notify you if there is any delay.  Shipments are prepared in the order they are received, but if you pay for an expedited shipping option (other than Fedex Home Delivery or USPS Priority), we will work to to get your shipment sent ASAP.

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Does Elements ship Internationally?
Yes, we ship all over the world. Please see our Policies page for more info on international shipping.

Why is my order unable to ship USPS Priority?
We offer shipping via both USPS Priority and Fedex but because it is illegal to ship low flash point liquids via air, USPS Priority will not be an option for low flash point liquids. Low flash point liquids will typically indicate in the product description “no air shipping” because only Fedex Home Delivery (ground) will be an option. Fedex base rates are higher than USPS and can be more costly for small orders so if you have any low flash point liquids in your cart, you can remove those to see the USPS rate.

Why is the shipping cost more than the value of the order?
Shipping carriers determine their rates based on the physical weight or volume of a package (whichever is greater) as well as the distance from us to you. They also add surcharges for the distance that you are located from the terminal (how far your local driver has to travel from their terminal to deliver to your location). The order value is not factored and it does not make a difference in the shipping rate if the value is $1 or $1000 (unless insurance is added, which is a nominal fee). Unfortunately, we have no control over shipping rates but offer shipping via both USPS Priority and Fedex. We recommend consolidating as many items into each shipment to maximize costs.

Does Elements offer free samples?
Due to the volume of requests we receive, we do not offer free samples unless you are placing an order. We require no minimum order so please feel free to order samples for testing and evaluating.  Also, a selection of free samples can be chosen during checkout for orders of $25+. Free samples must be chosen during Checkout so please ensure they are on the order prior to completing checkout. We cannot send free samples separately after order has shipped.  (The free sample program is occasionally disabled depending on order volume or special circumstances.)

Is registration required? 
Registration is not required to place an order, but doing so helps us provide the best possible customer service and gives you the ability to utilize such features as the Wish List, order history and also expedites your check-out process for future orders. You may choose to use Guest Checkout if you do not want to register. 

Is my information secure?
YES! All information saved is for order shipment and billing purposes ONLY. Receiving our weekly newsletter is completely optional & you may choose to unsubscribe from that at any time (although it's a truly great way to receive unannounced discounts!). We will absolutely NEVER share customer personal information with any third-party. We hate spam as much as anyone and will not jeopardize our customers' personal info. In addition, for your safety and security we do not store credit card numbers.

Why is there debris or "floaties" in my fragrance or flavor oil?
Fragrance and flavor oils are comprised of both natural and synthetic ingredients. Depending on the raw ingredients, some batches can be cloudy or appear to have sediment, crystallization or flakes. They are more prone to cloudiness or crystallizing in the colder weather but it can occur with any batch. Fortunately, this does not affect the finished product. If the issue is crystallization, you can use the product as-is since the crystals will dissolve in your heated formula or you can place the bottle in a warm bath prior to using.

Why is the fragrance or flavor color different than previous orders?
Fragrance and flavor oils can vary in color from batch to batch. This will not affect the odor, though and we cannot guarantee that they will remain the same color from one order to the next.

Should I clean/sanitize my containers?
We are often asked this question and the following is the most accurate information we've found on the subject. The introduction of water to your containers increases the risk of contamination (bacteria, mold, & other unwanted "cooties"). Many plastic containers will not survive the heat needed to effectively sterilize and they can potentially release noxious gases from certain high heat temps. The proper percentage of preservatives included in your finished products is sufficient to keep your product safe.
Safe manufacturing practices include:
a) using fresh, unexpired ingredients
b) insuring that your utensils, bowls, equipment, etc are all sterilized
c) heating water, oils or other ingredients in formulation to required times/temps
d) wearing gloves & keeping work area clean & free of food, hair, & other contaminant elements

If you have a jar or container that has dust or debris & you absolutely feel the need to sanitize, you can apply alcohol with a clean cloth. It is not recommended to pour the alcohol into the container & do not attempt this in a propel/repel type container where you will have no way of insuring that all areas are completely dry.


Wish List FAQ's

Where is the Wish List located?
You must be registered to use the Wish List feature and to view your list, you must be logged in. Please use the login at the top of the site. Once you're in, you'll see new links in place of the login - order history, wish list, modify account, logout. Click on Wish List and you'll be taken directly to it!

How do I add items to my Wish List?
Next to the "add to cart" button for each product is the "add to wish list" button. Click this to add the desired items to your Wish List.

What if I want to send my Wish List to a friend or other person?
There are two methods for sending your Wish List to another person or persons.

Send just one item to one or more people. This sends just one product you would like. You can send to multiple friends of course!! Simply separate their email addresses by comma and click on "Send to a Friend."

Send the entire list to one or more people. Enter one or more email addresses at the bottom of the page, separated by comma, of course! Click "Send Entire List."

How do I remove an item from my Wish List?
View your list and simply click on "delete item." Additionally, you can choose to increase the number of items if you want, say, 2 or more of a particular product. To clear your entire Wish List, click on the "clear wish list" button at the bottom.

How do I purchase items in my Wish List?
Just click on "add to cart."

How do others purchase items for me?
When you choose to send one item or the entire list to someone, they receive an email from our store stating that you have chosen to share your wish list. They click on the link provided within the email and will be shown your entire list or the one item you've sent. From there, they can "Add to Cart" and order one or more items for you.

What items can I add to my Wish List?
You may add ANY item within our store. If you can see it, you can add it!