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Exotic Amazon Teakwood Fragrance

Exotic Amazon Teakwood Fragrance
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Very sophisticated, with tropical notes of the rain forest highlighted by apple, bamboo, pine needles and leafy greens. In the center of this delightful fragrance, you'll find luscious green mosses, fir and balsam, spruce, teakwood and fresh cut cedar. All of this enveloped by a subtle base of amber, musk, patchouli and mysore sandalwood. This will remind you of a high end, sophisticated spa essence.
SOY WAX: Very Good. Performed like a gem in soy and gave excellent scent throw after only 12 hours of cure time.
CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration or discoloration. Very strong at .7 oz per lb, so recommend reducing to at least .5 oz per lb
Flash Point 143 F

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ruth
    this makes a wonderful men's soap...
    no Acceleration. I colored my soap, so not sure about Discoloration, but my color did not change.
    Also great in Gb 415 soy..
  • Author: Violet Grogan
    Wonderful fragrance, deep and intense! I used it in M&P made little Palm tree guest soaps, and the fragrance fit the theme. Long lasting too!
  • Author: Debra Russell
    This is a compelling, complex fragrance. It is wonderful in a tart and would also work well in any body product. This smells like a high-end, niche fragrance.
  • Author: Lisa Sanders
    I just recently ordered this one and it is definitely a great unisex fragrance! Men loved it in a soap! Women loved the lotion! Makes a great perfume roll-on to!
  • Author: Pam Clark
    This fragrance was a huge hit at the Renaissance Festival and still sells very well for both men and women - in lotions and melt and pour soap. Thanks for such a great product - I am ordering more!
  • Author: Judy Bieber
    I used this at just under .5 PPO in CP soap and it was plenty strong even after a complete gel. My husband really liked this one and he's very picky about fragrance oils; he much prefers essential oils in general. I thought it was great too, a good unisex scent. Reminds me of an old cedar chest but with something more. Very complex woody odor. I would order this again. No acceleration; I colored my soap with sandalwood powder so I can't speak to discoloration.
  • Author: Judy Norquist
    This is wonderful woodsy (I smell cedarwood among other woody notes) fragrance. Masculine but appeals to some of my female customers. Very strong fo. Used both in candle tarts (paraffin) and goat milk soap!
  • Author: Laura
    A very very woodsy smell. I can certainly smell the balsam and the pine, spruce, cedar.. as I said, woodsy. I don't smell the apple sweetness, but all around a good smell. Strong.
  • Author: Missy
    I use this in my beer soap and the guys love it!
  • Author: Melisa Ladas
    I'm reviewing based on the scent out of the bottle (to begin with) and this is a great complex, blended scent. Woody/pine and something else I can't put my finger on. I love it. I thought I would just use it in soap but based on the other reviews I think I will give it a go in lotion too! I will update once I do that.
  • Author: Alissa Ponder
    Awesome wood fragrance! Great alone or blended into EO's or FO's to give a nice woodsy base note. Smells fantastic with citrus and other fruit.
  • Author: Val
    This is a great FO for my beer soaps. It has so many complex layers that smell better in the soap that directly in the bottle. It was so easy to work with, and the smell is loved by all the men that I have sold it to.
  • Author: Marisa Jensen
    Great fragrance for CP soap. I've made many batched of soap and I've never experienced discoloration, ricing, or fragrance change. I always keep 1 bar of every batch and my teakwood from a year ago still smells fresh.

    It has a unisex smell but it's mostly favorited by men. I love it.

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