Sprucing Up Every Day Products For The Holidays
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Sunday, October 15, 2017ddddd

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They say its what’s inside that counts, and of course that’s true to an extent. When opening gifts, you can’t wait to open it to see what’s inside! But let’s be real – the packages with the bows and all the bells and whistles are the ones we reach for first under the tree. Why should your handmade creations be any different? Pretty packaging can make the difference between your products and your competitor’s, and it can also change the way the customer views your product. By simply adjusting packaging/marketing techniques you can take your everyday bath and body products and turn them into holiday must haves! 

You don’t have to make completely new products to have a successful holiday product line – you just need to think outside the box. If you make bath fizzies all year round, it is okay to keep the same successful recipes that your customers know and love. Instead of changing the colors and scents, add some mica paint and package in a cello bag to create bath fizzie snowmen! This same technique can be used for so many of your homemade creations so you’ll never fear the ghost product from seasons past again! Old guest soaps? Wrap a few together in cellophane and tie the ends to create a gift reminiscent of Christmas Candy. Pair hand cream with a snowflake mug for a holiday “Coffee and Cream” gift. The possibilities are endless! 

Keeping your everyday product line with your best seller fragrances can prove to be super successful this holiday season. Think about it, if every single soaper creates a brand new Christmas product line, you may nd it difficult to have a competitive advantage. But, if you get creative with your marketing tactics and product names your products will definitely stand out! Everybody loves pumpkin spice, but don’t be afraid to put your summer strawberry scrubs on the shelves this year. Very merry strawberry scrub has a nice ring to it and it avoids cliche┬┤. Just remember, you may need to create new labels to reflect your innovative names!

There is truly no need for extra stress this holiday season, selling products appropriate for this time of year is much easier than you think. Instead of completely adjusting your products, just adjust your strategy! Creating a holiday product line can be as simple as packaging products in holiday bags or using red, green and gold ribbon. Wrap
your soap boxes in festive wrapping paper or add red bow. You can even use Christmas Gift Tags as labels to give your not-so-festive product holiday are. It doesn’t take much you just need to get outside your comfort zone. So, get creative and get to work – it’ll be here before you know it!