A Twist on Traditional Citrus
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Tuesday, February 16, 2016ddddd

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Traditional citrus fragrances like lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime are popular in hand soaps and cleaning products. These fragrances are especially common for kitchen bar soaps and liquid washes. We are inspired by a fragrnance trend with a twist on traditional citrus scents. Try formulating your next handmade recipe with a more unique citrus fragrance or essential oil such as blood orange, yuzu, bergamot or satsuma. These tangy citrus fruits fragrances still have the fresh, clean smelling quality of traditional citrus scents, but they each offer a more unique note. Customers looking for something unique, new and non-traditional will be attracted to these fragrances and the bright color palettes inspired by them. 


Handmade Artisan Inspiration

Check out these beautiful handmade products for inspiration! These were created by talented artisans and crafters on Etsy.com. We found these products online available for sale at the time of this post. Products are pictured and the links are cited below.

Cold Process Vegan Satsuma Soap by Tootiegirl on Etsy.com
Bergamot and White Tea Bath Bomb by CitrusBirdSoaps on Etsy.com
Shady B.O.M.B ( Blood Orange Massage Bar ) by MadeInTheShady on Etsy.com
Yuzu Sugar Scrub Soap Scoops by SweetClementineSoaps by Etsy.com