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Dragon's Blood Fragrance

Dragon's Blood Fragrance
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Sangre De Grado, meaning "blood of the dragon", is a tree that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. When the trunk of the tree is cut or wounded, a dark red, sappy resin oozes out as if the tree is bleeding. Often used in rituals for energy, power and strength, this highly complex oil has hints of frankincense and red sandalwood.
SOY WAX: Yes, Great scent throw
CP SOAP: Yes. No acceleration, seizing or ricing. Holds scent very well. Discolored. Tested .7 oz
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free
Flash Point 175 F

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ilkia Bates
    I have smelt Dragons Blood from other companies and I thought that it was a horrible smell until I smelled this one. It is a light almost sweet aroma and it is not too strong. For know on this is where I will be buying my Dragons Blood
  • Author: Patricia
    Don't bother looking anywhere else; this is THE very best Dragon's Blood I've ever tried. A complex, wonderful fragrance. Buy the large size 'cause it'll fly off your shelves!
  • Author: Violet Grogan
    Everyone that smells this loves it. No problem to soap, can't say if it discolored because I did a maroon and black swirl, but gave me no problems!
  • Author: Patti
    It is a deep complex scent. On my skin it seems to bloom into
    some airy almost-ozone note, with the commanding presence of something very ambery under. I was worried it might smell 'cheap'. Nothing cheap about this, it opens up and gets deeper and deeper as it goes.
  • Author: Deb Miller
    You have the BEST Dragons Blood Fragrance I have found.Please keep this fragrance in stock.I have tried others and there is no comparison. I never want to be without this fragrance.It is awesome! Deb
  • Author: sabrina Tuten
    This scent is intoxicating! Appeals to both men and women alike. Works perfectly in HP soap. LOVE!
  • Author: Adia Kunoichi
    This is THE BEST Dragon's blood around. I use it DAILY. If used correctly for personal use a 1 oz container will last a VERY LONG TIME. The oil is potent enough to just apply half a dab to each side of your neck to smell fantastic all day long. It also works really well in a solid perfume base. I prefer the straight oil but to each their own. :)
  • Author: Nancy Tempel
    This is a very nice fragrance. I use it in hot process soaps and it works great, and smells great. It does turn a darker color as it ages.
  • Author: monet
    Awesome scent in perfume oil, perfume sticks, M&P and CP. Scent sticks like glue! Everyone loves this.
  • Author: Kathy L
    I love this fragrance, but I can attest to it turning your CP soap tan to light brown. I would use it in dark colors.
  • Author: kaye adamson
    I got a sample of this. I made a solid perfume, and I am in AWE. This is one of the best scents ever. My Husband even likes it. Put some on and went shopping, and the compliments I got were amazing. Will be ordering alot more.
  • Author: Laura Martin
    Best Dragon's Blood you can find! I've used many, but this one is the best! It darkens with time, of course, but it doesn't have that nasty, powdery scent that so many of them do. It is rich and deep and dreamy! Soaps beautifully as long as you plan for the dark color.
  • Author: Amber B.
    Every previous review that said this was THE BEST Dragon's Blood WASN'T KIDDING!!! If you've ever worked with actual Dragon's Blood resin, you probably know that the resin doesn't smell much like any Dragon's Blood FO you've ever smelled... FO's seem more like "romanticized" versions of the resin, either carrying a powdery or heavier sweet note that just isn't present in the resin. I've always enjoyed adding resin-infusions to Dragon's Blood FO's to help give them a little boost of that authentic, Dragon's Blood aroma. When I smelled this FO, the first words out of my mouth were, "OMG! This smells like it's had Dragon's Blood resin infused into it!". This FO saved me 6hrs of grinding resin & infusing it (to make it smell more authentic), because scent-wise, it just doesn't need it! It carries the most authentic Dragon's Blood resin note I have EVER smelled in a FO! I'm just unmolding the batch now (CP), but it still smells INCREDIBLE & performed beautifully! I imagine it will discolor darker, but that's expected. KUDOS Elements! This Dragon's Blood FO is OUTSTANDING and truly is like no other I've smelled to date!

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