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Discount Bath and Body Supplies

Love herbal body bath

Give your body a nourishing treat! Buy an herbal body bath from our site. Once you try one, you will love it so much that you come back to buy them all! We sell one that is called "Love" that you are sure to want to try. Its main ingredients are rose milk and petals. It also contains sea salts, oats, milk powders, honey, and rose fragrance. All of these great ingredients are bound in a 100% cotton bag that will allow you to receive all of the benefits of these ingredients without any messy clean-up because of the herbal body bath bag.

Pure, cruelty free discount bath and body supplies

Creating your own bath and body products is a pleasing experience for many people, whether you are making them for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones. If you enjoy this process of creating your own products, we invite you to shop our store where you will get pure-grade, high-quality ingredients with no excessive chemicals, synthetics, or harsh processing. Many of our discount bath and body supplies are 100% cruelty free with no animal products or animal testing. We invite you to use our great products and proudly announce on your hand made items any that they are pure and 100% cruelty free. Of course, before you begin making your own products, you need to understand the ingredients that go in them. Please read our "Precautions" and "About Ingredients" pages for a small introduction - you will also want to get more information before you start. So, shop our site for your discount bath and body supplies, assured of the fact that you are purchasing quality and many natural ingredients.