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Cyclomethicone is an alcohol-free, clear, colorless, odorless, silicone liquid used as a carrying and wetting agent for personal care products. It can be used as-is as a body spray or used as a replacement for petroleum based solvents because it will not contribute to the ozone-depletion and global warming. Cyclomethicone is basically a cosmetic solvent that is soluble with the vast majority of oil-soluble products. It is possible that some fragrances are immiscible & individual testing for compatibility is always recommended.
~ Excellent for a wide range of personal care applications including body sprays, roll-on perfumes, skin creams & lotions, bath oils, after bath spray (just blend w/your favorite carrier oil), hair care products, etc. It is lip-safe and can be added to your balms, butters and glosses. Often used as an alcohol-free dry perfume base or terrific in room & linen sprays!
~ 100% evaporation @ room temp & leaves no residue or buildup.
~ Spreads easily & creates excellent lubrication on skin.
~ Imparts a soft, silky feel. Often used in lotions & creams to add a "powdery", non-greasy feel.
~ Soluble in anhydrous alcohols, waxes, oils (except castor), hydrocarbon oils, esters & silicone fluid
~ Insoluble in water, glycerin, polyethylene glycol, PEG-8-stearate, PEG 40-stearate.
Soy free
Gluten free
Sulfate free
Alcohol free
Mercury free
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Mineral Oil free
Bisphenol A (BPA) free
Formaldehyde free
Cruelty-Free: No Animal Testing
Shelf life: Although the published shelf-life is 3 years when stored in a sealed container at ambient temperature, it will last much much longer when stored in a sealed container. Cyclomethicone is composed of 100% synthetic material. Unlike a food product, there is nothing in the fluid that will biodegrade over time. Usage rate: 3 - 95%
INCI: Cyclopentasiloxane
FP: 171 F *Due to low flash point, do not expose to heated surfaces or ignition sources.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Evelyn Cole
    This product works Beautifully in linen, room and body sprays. Nice and dry.
  • Author: Melissa Zimmerman
    I use this product for roll on fragrances. Holds fragrance well and leaves skin feeling smooth and not greasy. Produces a nice clear finished product.
  • Author: Sweetmade Soap
    This works well for several products I make. I will definately buy again.
    Dry Perfumes, Roll Ons, etc. Great stuff.
  • Author: D.C.
    I made some body/linen sprays for some coworkers and they loved it. I love how it's multi-functional too. Excellent body and linen spray and is excellent as a shine spray for hair. This has become one of my standard products.
  • Author: Lori C
    I just now had a chance to try this and instantly fell in love! It dries so quickly and makes my skin feel like silk! This is one product I won't do without!
  • Author: Shannon Gamble
    Love this stuff! I hated greasy perfume oils that's why I never carried them. Now with Cyclo it goes on wet and dries in seconds. I'm getting rave reviews from my customers already! Highly recommended.
  • Author: M. E. Becker
    If you add 1% dimethicone (350) it will eliminate any dry feeling from the accelerated evaporation of the cyclomethicone - and your skin will fell velvety soft and smooth.
  • Author: Kristen
    O wow! Another GREAT sample!!!!! LOVED adding my fo to it and have basically used it all up already! On again to make more with the fo's that I am ordering!!!!! SO EASY to add fo to it and have an instant perfume!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!
  • Author: April
    This carries a scent well and I love the way it works. Reviews above were dead on, buying more today!
  • Author: Kelly
    Use half cyclo half fractioned coconut oil to make a dry oil spray. Works great for body AND hair. Cyclo elimimates the "oily" feeling and leaves a silky smooth finish. Wonderful product and customers love it. Was using another supplier, but this price cannot be beat. Glad I found it cheaper here. Quick delivery too and I always appreciate a hand written thank you on the invoice!
  • Author: kaye adamson
    I use this in my Roll on perfumes. I cant live without it.
  • Author: Tina Piemme
    This stuff is amazing! Works wonderfully for perfumes and body oil sprays.

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