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Caribbean Fruit Smoothie Fragrance

Caribbean Fruit Smoothie Fragrance
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Caribbean Fruit Smoothie Fragrance

Tropical, smooth mixture of raspberries, juicy ripe peaches, sweet strawberries, cherries, mandarin oranges, grapefruit and a splash of pineapple and mango blended together to give us this incredible scent! You'll want to drink the bottle (but, please refrain). :) This scent SCREAMS SUMMER!!


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Cold Process Soap: Yes. No acceleration, no discoloration.
Soy Wax: Yes. Strong hot throw 1 oz per lb **Using more than 1 oz per 1 lb of wax could cause your candle to have a "fuel" smell.

Helpful Information:

Vanilla Content: 0%
Flash Point: 127 F
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Formaldehyde Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Judy
    This is a really nice scent. I used it in soy and soy/paraffin blend candles. I used it in soy/paraffin blend at 10% and it smells great. Has a nice strong throw. Also tried in CP soap - behaved nicely, no acceleration, no discoloration.
  • Author: Kathy
    I make Spa gift baskets out of this scent year round and it sells out every time. It is a very pretty scent. I use 3/4 an oz per lb of Soy in candles.
  • Author: Denise
    OMG....this smells sooo good in CP soap. I made a German Pils Beer soap with this fragrance and i just love it!!
  • Author: Lyn
    This is a wonderful tropical scent and one of my all time favorites. So many fruity notes will make you salivate. Bought this from the previous company and I still have some since a little goes a long way. This is strong. A must for soaps, especially this season.
  • Author: The Soap Sister
    This is a FABULOUS scent! Everyone who has smelled it absolutely loves it -I can't wait to see how it sells in stores!
  • Author: Vickie
    The best fruity fragrance I've ever used in CP soap. Behaves beautifully, no discoloration, no acceleration. Not a heavy fragrance, but stays strong.
  • Author: Nancy
    Everyone seems to love this fragrance. It soaps beautifully in CP and the fragrance seems to last forever. I have soap over two years old and the fragrance has faded a bit. Love it!
  • Author: Munchkie
    Bright & sweet, like Lifesavers gummy candy. Really strong.
  • Author: Michelle
    This is an awesome fragrance, customers love it. Very well blend of fruits.
  • Author: The Soap Owl
    Love this one it behaved perfectly in my CP recipe great for swirls.
  • Author: Alice Lim
    Made a emulsified sugar scrub with this scents. I sold 5 to just one customer! It's a great scent, smells just like a smoothie. I'm reordering this in a larger size.

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