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Buttercream Fragrance

Buttercream Fragrance
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Buttercream Fragrance

Sweet, rich Buttercream... there's nothing quite like it! You'll swear you're standing in an old-time bakery when you smell this. This is a thicker fragrance, so if any solidification or crystallization occurs, this will not affect the finished product and it can easily be dissolved when bottle is placed in a warm bath.


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Cold Process Soap: Yes. No acceleration, no seizing, no ricing. Discolors to dark brown.

Helpful Information:

Vanilla Content: 0%
Flash Point: >200 F
Paraben Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Stephanie
    This is such an amazing buttercream scent. It is so irresistable, many people have told me me they wish they could scoop it right out of the jar and taste it!
  • Author: Rhonda
    I use BCS 415 with an LX24 wick in a mason jar at 1oz per pound. Cure time was 3 days. At first when I poured it you could really smell the 'sour' note in the buttercream but after it's cure time, this really mellowed out to a rich yummy icing scent. I've had many compliments on it, even the kids said that it smelled awesome. To be honest I didn't like it out of the bottle and didn't like the hot throw after pouring it, but wait for a few days and I give this one 5 stars!
  • Author: Judy
    This is one of my all time favorite scents. Excellent!
  • Author: Rich
    Just made my first batch today and the smell is just amazing! The entire place really does smell like you are standing in a bakery! Great job with this one!!
  • Author: Melissa
    This is so true to its description... Mouthwatering, great throw hot or cold..
  • Author: Yolanda
    I am SO happy to see that my favorite buttercream scented F.O. ever, is now being sold by Elements. Being a vanilla addiict, I tried so many, until I came across this one from Bluegrass and was thrilled to find a true buttercream scent for my products. Then I found out that they were going out of business and my heart was broken, because my customers also LOVE this fragrance. Now I can purchase it once again from one of my absolute favorite suppliers, and I couldn't be happier! :-)
  • Author: Susan Wilkinson
    I love this buttercream scent! it does discolorcp soap but the scent is worth it! I use it to really amp up the scent in my soap,lotions and scrubs ..sweet and rich!
  • Author: Lori Motley
    I just received this today, I seriously want to eat it! It has warm vanilla undertones, and a rich buttercream aroma. I will most definitely be using this in a perfume. I may try it with cocoa absolute or a rose or Bergamot EO and see how that works out. I would love to use it in a lip balm!
  • Author: Jcgl
    I got this as a sample. This is so rich and delicious smelling! I made it into a scented oil and it smelled so yummy!
  • Author: Karlene
    My customers absolutely love this one! It smells like something extremely delectable. A definite keeper.
  • Author: Jennifer
    Smells delish! Im using as an "icing"for my chocolate soap,which might I add, I also got their chocolate fragrance too, which also smells devine! Looking into using a stabilizer for the color!
  • Author: Amanda Connelly
    So delicious!!
  • Author: Rhonda Gaylord
    I love this Buttercream and so do my testers. Tested in parasoy wax melts, 3 day cure, strong throw, coming back for a full pound!
  • Author: Becky Tamm
    Smells AMAZING!! Made CP soap. No riding, acceleration, or seizing.

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