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Bath & Shower Pouf: Yellow

Bath & Shower Pouf: Yellow
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Yellow Bath Pouf will gently exfoliate, stimulate circulation and improve lather for an all-over clean, invigorating feeling. Slough away dead skin cells by gently exfoliating and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. Use with our melt & pour soaps, clear suspension shower gel, liquid glycerin soap or scrub. Our Super Concentrate Base can be used to make a body wash or bubble bath & is a nice complement to a bath pouf.
Do not use on irritated skin and discontinue use if rash develops.
Includes 1 small light yellow bath pouf with white rope. Measures approx 3.5" wide x 3" tall

To make the adorable "Cupcake Bath Poufs" (or Soap-Pouf-on-a-Rope) pictured above, you will need:

Bath Poufs
1 cupcake tin (or soap mold of your choice)
Melt & Pour Soap base (your choice)
Fragrance Oil
Liquid Colorant (if desired)
Rubbing Alcohol in spray bottle
Measuring cup

Easy instructions:
Melt soap according to instructions
Add 1-3% Fragrance oil (for 1 lb soap base, you could add up to 1/2 oz or 1 Tablespoon fragrance)
Add a few drops of colorant (if desired)
Fill cupcake cups 1/2 - 3/4 full with soap base
Spray poufs with rubbing alcohol
Place the bath pouf in the melted soap & gently "squish" down. (There's no need to apply too much pressure as you will want the top of the pouf to stay expanded).
Choose to pour a little or a lot of soap base onto pouf once it is in place in the mold or save unused soap base for future use.
Allow to cool 1-3 hours, then remove. (If pouf doesn't easily remove from mold, place in freezer for a few minutes or use a spatula to scrape edges)
Package in cute cellophane bags & give to friends & family or add to your product line.
These are so much fun to make, so get creative! So simple and this gift can be enjoyed in the bath or shower.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bunny Rowe
    These are so fun!!! I have been putting them in my 3D soap molds and coming out with a soap on a rope, and it is so easy to do. My nieces love them. Thank you for selling these.
  • Author: Roxie
    These are not the normal adult size pouf but are perfect for children or ladies with small hands. I will have to sell them as children poufs.

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