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Bath Tea/Heat Seal: 4 x 5.5"

Bath Tea/Heat Seal: 4 x 5.5"
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AKA Press & Brew Bags
Heat seal tea bags are often used for tub teas or drinking teas, but they are versatile enough to be used for samples, sachets, spices, bath salts, potpourri and so much more. Perfect for a "mess-free" infusion in your simmering pot!
Simply fill with desired product & seal with a household iron or heat sealing machine. Sealing temperature is between 302-338F (150-170C) Items may expand when wet, so overfilling is not recommended.
Food grade, white colored, durable fiber heat sealable bags. No bleaching agents or formaldehyde used in the processing of this product.
Size: 4 x 5.5" (10 cm x 14 cm)

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sheratan Johnson
    These are excellent as gifts. Or sell them to your neighbors or at craft parties!
  • Author: Joan Smith
    sealed tea bag with flat iron worked full of lavender buds great use in dryer to freshen clothes and as scent in drawers will use for gifts and to sell
  • Author: Cheryl Plestina
    The bath tea bags are perfect for making bath teas! They are easy to fill, a great sturdy quality, and easy to seal. They hold up really well all while still allowing the aroma of the tea to flow freely.
  • Author: Cynthia Butler
    For me this is the best tea bag I have used. After filling the tea bag I used the iron method to seal it and it worked great. None of the products leaked out and the bag held up great in the water.My customers could see and smell the wonderful aromas and loved it.
  • Author: Kim
    I really enjoyed these bags and the roses that I purchased! They were easy to use and made excellent gifts this holiday season!!!
  • Author: J Whte
    these are great. easy and fun
    great for bath tea gifts
    no leakage and very strudy!!
  • Author: Essence Reyn
    These are absolutely the best tea bags. I have tried others just to see and compare the quality. I can safely say that the competitors tea bags are still sitting in my drawer. I ALWAYS run out of the ones from Elements because they are perfect and hold together well!
  • Author: Cheryene
    These bags are awesome! Just got done making some with rose and some with lavender. Now I need to buy some more for sure. Easy to use and sealed up really well. Used an iron on high setting, but gotta try the flat iron next time.....Thanks Joan! Gonna use in the dryer, clothes drawers and as gifts. Gotta keep a couple on my nightstand too.
  • Author: Keci Reynolds
    OMG I super love these bags. I have tried others and they are okay. But no one compares to these. @ Joan: What a lovely idea! I will have to use the flat iron next go round. I would spend so much time using the iron. Awesome!

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