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Balsam & Citrus Fragrance

Balsam & Citrus Fragrance
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Balsam & Citrus Fragrance

Christmas in paradise! Beautiful balsam fir surrounded by sparkling notes of orange, grapefruit and crushed cranberries with a background of sandalwood, clove & cinnamon. When testing in Paraffin and Soy waxes, an 8 oz jar filled the room and lingered all through the house.......awesome scent! This fragrance tends to crystallize, but that doesn't affect the finished product and crystals can usually be dissolved when bottle is placed in a warm bath.


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Cold Process Soap: No seizing, ricing or acceleration. Discolors to light yellow/tan. Strong scent using .7 oz per lb
Soy Wax: Great cold and hot throw after 4 day cure (tested with HTP 104 in 8oz mason)

Helpful Information:

Vanilla Content: 0%
Flash Point: 180 F
Glycerin Free
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Formaldehyde Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free
CA Prop 65 - not on the list of toxic chemicals

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: gina
    to me, this smells like pineapple & pine... it is insanely strong. i think i would work year round, just not sure what to rename it.

    one of my favorites...
  • Author: "islandsoaper"
    Olive Oil, Rice Bran, coconut. 33% discount, low temps. This is one soaped beautifully. Lots of time for swirls. Smells really nice.
  • Author: "wintergreen"
    WOW... this is a GREAT one! Definitely add to your holiday-themed soaping to-do list! I soaped this warm in a shea butter and tallow CP batch. Colored with green clay and a little green pop mica. Soaped with ease, no Acceleration at all. Unmolded perfectly. No Discoloration either and the scent is amazing at 1 oz ppo. Beautiful BALSAM scent blended with a very upscale citrus. AMAZING! Can you tell I'm impressed?
  • Author: Dianna Mincey
    I'm absolutely LOVING Balsam & Citrus!! Thanks for sending the sample, and I'll be here for MORE after the holidays.
  • Author: Ann
    I have soaped this twice recently and it is a dream fo. There is absolutely no Acceleration or Discoloration. Plenty of time to swirl. The fragrance will definitely be a big hit around the holidays. I love the fresh balsam and tart citrus. The combination is fabulous.
  • Author: Bob-Beam Candles
    This scent is incredible!- A HUGE seller. During Christmas Time its O' Christmas Tree.....after Christmas it becomes Winter's Garden!!
  • Author: Debbie G
    I just love this fragrance...and so do my friends/family. I too would burn it year round because it's so fresh and clean.
  • Author: Valerie
    I soaped this a few weeks ago in some beer soap. I was hoping for a strong scent that would not be overpowered by the beer smell. It soaped beautifully and has a nice masculine scent. My hubby keeps asking when he can use it! A real winner.
  • Author: Rocky Corner Soapworks
    A perfect blend of the balsam and citrus. Not overpowering, and not a "Pine-Sol" smell. Just right for so many applications; terrific stick in CP soaps and very popular w/the guys!
  • Author: Jenny
    I love this fragrance oil – it’s a nice outdoorsy scent that reminds me of a fragrant forest. This fragrance oil did dramatically change the color of my melt-and-pour soap, though. It turned my clear base orange-red and my white base bright pink. Definitely experiment with this fragrance oil and plan your color schemes accordingly. If you can find a way to work with the discoloration, it can be very pretty!
  • Author: Gloria Vettese
    What a beautiful, light seasonal alternative to traditional pine! Also potentially a great year round scent.
  • Author: Patricia
    I absolutely love this fragrance, perfectly balanced. Doesn't smell like a pine cleaner at all. A winning fragrance, an A+. Thank you!
  • Author: Judy N
    Beautiful blend! Great in tarts, candles (paraffin) and goat milk soap. It does go tan in goat milk soap but smells delish and does stick!
  • Author: MaryAnn W
    This is one of my favorite scents. I use all year round. Holds scent very well in candles and soap. Sometimes I even add more citrus to it. Reminds me of camping out at a state park.
  • Author: Nneka Prince
    Christmas in PARADISE is RIGHT!! LOVE
  • Author: shawne arnold
    Very awesome, really fresh! I think anyone will love this scent!!!
  • Author: Jenean Clark
    My customers LOVE this in body butter.
  • Author: Lisa C
    absolutely love this scent - wonderful Christmas with fruity undertones. great stick and throw. made with goats milk and traditional CP soap - I did not notice any acceleration - slight yellow tone to the soap color
  • Author: Mercy
    Our new favorite - it's awesome! Both my son's and my personal favorite, it's a great scent for both men and women - outdoorsy, piney, fresh, yet the spice and citrus give it such depth and warmth - I love it year round as well.
  • Author: Rhonda
    Awesome, strong FO that sells well all fall and winter long. Not your average 'evergreen / pine tree' fragrance. Super strong in soy and holds well in CP
  • Author: Sandy
    Bought the scent not knowing what to think of it and absolutely fell in love. A definate favorite
  • Author: Bonnie
    I made CP in 2013 and used the last of it in 2017...Scent held up well. With the citrus notes, I used this to discourage bugs in the summer garden.
  • Author: Denise
    This is a must have! I ordered the 2 oz because I wasn't too sure, but had to come back for more of this citrusy, outdoorsy scent.
  • Author: Abigail J Wirth
    This is an absolutely wonderful must-have scent that's gorgeous on its own or blended with other scents (e.g., bay rum). I use it in body mist, shower gels, and body butters. Yum!

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