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Awapuhi Fragrance

Awapuhi Fragrance
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Awapuhi Fragrance

Intensely *fresh and clean* with delicate exotic floral notes, the Awapuhi ginger flower originated in India and made its way to the Hawaiian Islands. It has a long history of being the shampoo flower and is prevalent in salon shampoos. Wonderful scent for all body and hair products, though.


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Cold Process Soap: No seizing, ricing or acceleration. No discoloration. "Fresh & true in CP."
Soy Wax: 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold & hot throw after 24 hours.

Helpful Information:

Vanilla Content: 0%
Flash Point: 199 F
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Formaldehyde Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Alison W.
    Just the scent I have been looking for. Now I know the name of the scent I have been smelling at the hair dressers (she didn't, but I do). Wonderfully light and airy at a little less than norm per usage. Scent lingers on and on.Ordered one from someone else before...Yuck...EB&B has the best.
  • Author: WANDA HAMBY
    Smells wonderful!!:)
  • Author: Sharon G.
    This is absolutely awesome. Fresh, clean, and pretty. No one else carries this particular scent of awapuhi. This is a must have!!!
  • Author: sarah
    this is an authentic fragrance and makes for a wonderful hair product scent. it will take you to maui..
  • Author: Pamila R.
    I love this FO!!! I made a Shampoo Bar with this fragrance & it is a best seller. The scent has great holding power also.
  • Author: CD
    This is a great fragrance for anything! My customers love it for all kinds of custom scented products!
  • Author: Cassandra
    I ordered a small bottle of Awaphui FO because I have been searching for a CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL fragrance for my hair care line! I HAVE FOUND IT! your fragrance was that and MORE! I will be ordering LOTS of this! PLEASE I BEG YOU ALWAYS have this FO available! YOU ROCK!
  • Author: Laura Luciani
    The fragrance is lovely. Seems a tad light but very nice. It did accelerate on me. I planned a color scheme but ended up just plopping it into the mold. Soaped at room temperature. Decorated the top with flowers I had pre-made so it turned out okay. Just be ready to move.
  • Author: Candace Bulger
    I bought a small sample of this because I wanted to try it out in my CP shampoo soap. I was disappointed that the scent didn't take at all. I can smell nothing in the soap. It does smell good in the bottle but does nothing for my soap! I am hoping it may in time get stronger but so far it looks like I will have to try something else.
    ~ Thanks for your review, Candace. We'd love more feedback about the percentage you used in your recipe? We tested at 4% in a basic CP recipe and this performed terrific. Every formulation is different, though due to the raw ingredients.
  • Author: Anna Sumner
    Great fragrance. Very good in MP and an awesome flower scent. Thank you!
  • Author: Colleen
    This smells so amazing! I'm making shampoo with it right now. The sample size was more than enough to scent a pound of liquid soap. I will definitely buy a larger size with my next order!
  • Author: Jaclyn
    This is a really good fragrance for scenting your laundry. I put a few drops of this on a used fabric softener cloth (or scentless fabric softener cloth), and it works like a charm. The scent lasts a while and when used on my couch cover, makes the whole living room smell good.
  • Author: AnnMarie Palafox
    I bought this as a sample and it came in today! I am on the website now to buy a bigger bottle! My husband and I love this scent!
  • Author: Cecelia
    This smells absolutely wonderful in shampoo and conditioner!!
  • Author: Gwen B.
    Smells nice, but it was very weak in CP soap, and I am generous in the amount of fragrance I use in soap. Probably better for other products like lotion and bath bombs.
    Response from Elements: We've found that 3-5% ratio performs really well and would love feedback on the percentage you used?

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