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Awapuhi Fragrance

Awapuhi Fragrance
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Awapuhi Fragrance

Intensely *fresh and clean* with delicate exotic floral notes, the Awapuhi ginger flower originated in India and made its way to the Hawaiian Islands. It has a long history of being the shampoo flower and is prevalent in salon shampoos. Wonderful scent for all body and hair products, though.


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Cold Process Soap: No seizing, ricing or acceleration. No discoloration. "Fresh & true in CP."
Soy Wax: 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold & hot throw after 24 hours.

Helpful Information:

Vanilla Content: 0%
Flash Point: 199 F
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Formaldehyde Free
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) Free

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Alison W.
    Just the scent I have been looking for. Now I know the name of the scent I have been smelling at the hair dressers (she didn't, but I do). Wonderfully light and airy at a little less than norm per usage. Scent lingers on and on.Ordered one from someone else before...Yuck...EB&B has the best.
  • Author: WANDA HAMBY
    Smells wonderful!!:)
  • Author: Sharon G.
    This is absolutely awesome. Fresh, clean, and pretty. No one else carries this particular scent of awapuhi. This is a must have!!!
  • Author: sarah
    this is an authentic fragrance and makes for a wonderful hair product scent. it will take you to maui..
  • Author: Pamila R.
    I love this FO!!! I made a Shampoo Bar with this fragrance & it is a best seller. The scent has great holding power also.
  • Author: CD
    This is a great fragrance for anything! My customers love it for all kinds of custom scented products!
  • Author: Cassandra
    I ordered a small bottle of Awaphui FO because I have been searching for a CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL fragrance for my hair care line! I HAVE FOUND IT! your fragrance was that and MORE! I will be ordering LOTS of this! PLEASE I BEG YOU ALWAYS have this FO available! YOU ROCK!
  • Author: Laura Luciani
    The fragrance is lovely. Seems a tad light but very nice. It did accelerate on me. I planned a color scheme but ended up just plopping it into the mold. Soaped at room temperature. Decorated the top with flowers I had pre-made so it turned out okay. Just be ready to move.
  • Author: Candace Bulger
    I bought a small sample of this because I wanted to try it out in my CP shampoo soap. I was disappointed that the scent didn't take at all. I can smell nothing in the soap. It does smell good in the bottle but does nothing for my soap! I am hoping it may in time get stronger but so far it looks like I will have to try something else.
    ~ Thanks for your review, Candace. We'd love more feedback about the percentage you used in your recipe? We tested at 4% in a basic CP recipe and this performed terrific. Every formulation is different, though due to the raw ingredients.
  • Author: Anna Sumner
    Great fragrance. Very good in MP and an awesome flower scent. Thank you!
  • Author: Colleen
    This smells so amazing! I'm making shampoo with it right now. The sample size was more than enough to scent a pound of liquid soap. I will definitely buy a larger size with my next order!
  • Author: Jaclyn
    This is a really good fragrance for scenting your laundry. I put a few drops of this on a used fabric softener cloth (or scentless fabric softener cloth), and it works like a charm. The scent lasts a while and when used on my couch cover, makes the whole living room smell good.
  • Author: AnnMarie Palafox
    I bought this as a sample and it came in today! I am on the website now to buy a bigger bottle! My husband and I love this scent!
  • Author: Cecelia
    This smells absolutely wonderful in shampoo and conditioner!!
  • Author: Gwen B.
    Smells nice, but it was very weak in CP soap, and I am generous in the amount of fragrance I use in soap. Probably better for other products like lotion and bath bombs.
    Response from Elements: We've found that 3-5% ratio performs really well and would love feedback on the percentage you used?
  • Author: Gwendolyn Blouse
    Response to Element’s question concerning my rating of this fragrance. I use 4% which works out to .7 oz. per pound of soap. This ratio has worked well no matter what EO/FO I have used. I have had problems in the past with fragrance oozing out of the soap if the fragrance amount was too high, this ratio has pretty much eliminated that problem. Maybe the combo of oils I use had something to do with this. Who knows? I buy a lot of your other fragrances and they have been most awesome!
  • Author: Elaine
    Love it in hand soap. Similar to Juniper Breeze, but more fruity/floral. Wasn’t sure about it at first, but this is one of those fragrances that grow on you.

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