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Amber Blush Fragrance *B&BW Type* Fragrance

Amber Blush Fragrance *B&BW Type* Fragrance
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Romance fills the air with this scent. Sweet precious amber blended with the floral aroma of lotus blossoms.
Sensual Amber B&BW Type.
Bath & Body Safe: lotion, cream, scrub, gel, balm, butter, salt, body spray, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes
CP Soap: No seizing, ricing, acceleration or discoloration.
Paraffin Wax: Yes
Soy Wax: Needs a 48 hr. cure and recommend 1.5 oz to 1 lb. This is true to B&BW's and VERY sexy!
Potpourri, Air Fresheners, Sachets, Reed Diffusers, etc.
Vanilla Content: less than 1%
Soy free
Gluten free
Cruelty free
Alcohol free
Paraben free
Formaldehyde free
Flash point > 200

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Trish L
    B&BW recently discontinued this in their foaming hand soap and I was very disappointed! I was thrilled to find this which smells EXACTLY like its duped version. I made it for myself in a foaming hand soap and it's just like the original!! My mother who also adored this fragrance couldn't believe it was not the B&BW soap poured into a new bottle- it smells that close!
  • Author: Dawn Kennedy
    Very soft and powdery. Love it.
  • Author: Shaun
    This one is really nice... I've never smelled the bath and body works type but I guess it must be pretty close because a friend of mine smelled it and said "that's nice, but I don't want it because it smells just like something I have from bath and body works" lol Everyone that smelled it loved it
  • Author: Michelle Foster
    Awesome smell. I ordered it in the sample and it smelled great even in the bottle. I used it in a solid perfume and it turned out great. Newest addition to my product line. I already know my customers are going to love this in my entire bath & body line. I am already ordering more. Loved it!
  • Author: Patricia Westervelt
    I usually use essential oils since so many fragrance oils burn my nose or smell so artificial and chemical. Right out of the bottle, this one is addicting, kept going back to sniff again and again while making soap. A keeper! This is on of the three EB&B fragrances that will become a staple for us.
  • Author: Becky Sue
    This stuff smells amazing! I ordered the sample vial just to try it. I will absolutely be ordering a larger bottle next time. Very feminine.
  • Author: Alissa Ponder
    This is one of my favorite fragrances, sexy and and very addictive!
  • Author: Sharon Vile
    This is NICE! Very trouble-free in CP soap. The scent seems to become nicer after it's in the soap--though it's nice OOB too. A really nice, soft amber.

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