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Aluminum Spray Bottles

Quality aluminum spray bottles

For those interested in making their own toiletries, not only do we have all of the ingredients and supplies you need, we also have containers for the finished products. For example, our aluminum spray bottles are a great container to package your homemade toiletry products. If you make perfume or body sprays, these bottles are the perfect containers. Not only are these aluminum spray bottles perfect for a variety of things, they are cheap enough to actually use them for all your needs.

About waterproof inkjet labels

If you are having problems with creating labels for your bath and body products, we can help. We now offer you waterproof inkjet labels for all of your homemade toiletries. Create and customize these great labels to fit the look and feel of your product. It is as easy as printing the labels directly from your inkjet printer and sticking them on your product. Did we mention they are waterproof? So now you don't have to worry about them smearing or smudging once they get wet. We are continually working to come up with solutions for people, who just like us, love to create wonderful bath and body products. Our waterproof inkjet labels are a perfectly simple way to help you fully customize your homemade bath and body products from the comfort of your own home.