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Almond Fragrance

Almond Fragrance
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Delightful Almond fragrance oil that many claim smells just like Maraschino Cherries. Popular scent for adults and children alike.
Bath & Body Safe: 6.2% ok for rinse-off products such as soap, shampoo, face cleansers, body wash, shower gel, salts, scrubs, etc.
Max usage 0.56% for leave-on products such as lotion, cream, etc.
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes
CP Soap: No seizing, ricing or acceleration. Discolors to very light tan.
Paraffin Wax: Yes
Soy Wax: 7% in candles yielded normal cold & hot throw after 48 hour cure. 10% in tarts yielded normal cold throw & strong hot throw after 24 hours.
Potpourri, Air Fresheners, Sachets, Reed Diffusers, etc.
Vanilla Content: 1-5%
Soy free
Gluten free
Cruelty free
Alcohol free
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Formaldehyde free
Flash point 158 F

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Laura
    This DOES smell a lot like maraschino cherries. Go to your fridge, smell some, and then you'll know if you want this! It's actually a super sweet, strong, and lovely scent. This is different & much stronger, but my favorite scent is cherry almost Jergens... if you like that, you know that those two scents (almond and cherry) go together well, try this out because it makes a great soap!
  • Author: Tina
    Wow! I received a sample of this with my last order and I have to say- this is my new favorite fragrance! I used it in some solid lotion and I can't stop smelling it. It definitely has a sweet hint to it (and they are dead on with the comparison to maraschino cherries). I've already added this to my shopping list and will definitely be ordering a nice big size! I highly recommend this scent.. You won't be disappointed.

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