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5" Semi-Compress Loofah Sponge

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5" Semi-Compress Loofah will gently exfoliate and stimulate circulation for an all-over clean, invigorating feeling. Slough away dead skin cells by exfoliating and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. This loofah will arrive flat, but will expand in water in just a few minutes. A loofah is a cucurbit (from the gourd family), a fibrous plant seed pod. Use with our melt & pour soaps, clear suspension shower gel, liquid glycerin soap or scrub. Our Super Concentrate Base can be used to make a body wash or bubble bath & is a nice complement to a body scrubber.
Care & Use: You will get the most use out of your loofah if it is allowed to dry between uses. When constantly wet, it tends to deteriorate more, so hang on a hook or place on end to help keep dry. New, unused loofah can be stored for years if kept dry.
Includes 1 loofah measuring 5" long. Height varies from 2.25" - 3". This is a natural product, so actual color and product description may vary from photos (for instance, sometimes there are 4 holes & sometimes 3). May include seeds
INCI: Luffa cylindrica

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