> > > > 4 x 1.33" White Waterproof INKJET Label

4 x 1.33" White Waterproof INKJET Label

4 x 1.33" White Waterproof INKJET Label
4 x 1.33 labels
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4 x 1.33 Rectangle
14 Labels per sheet
Margins: Top 0.845", Bottom 0.845", Left 0.1563", Right 0.1563"

Word Template
Waterproof/Weatherproof Vinyl Labels for INKJET printers! Our bright white matte labels are made of a durable 50 lb. specially coated vinyl self-adhesive face sheet with a 50 lb. liner. Virtually indestructible, these labels will not rip or tear. Simply print as normal (consult your printer manual to determine if the setting needs to be changed to accommodate heavier paper) & create inexpensive, quality waterproof labels from your inkjet printer! After allowing the ink to set for a minimum of 1 hour (set times will vary), soaking the label in water or rubbing with a wet hand will not cause the ink to run, smear or bleed.
From shower products to bumper stickers, these labels can be used in harsh environments, industrial type applications, outdoors or underwater.
Test a few with your product & let us know how you like them. It will be the best money you've ever spent on labels!
*Excellent results with most types of inkjet printers.
Pricing is per sheet... the more sheets you buy, the more you save!

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Donna C.
    Love these labels sheets! Definitely a great price & they're really durable. I won't buy these anywhere else. :)
  • Author: Alissa Ponder
    These labels are great! The templates are so easy to use. They really stay put (even in the shower!) and the price is great!
  • Author: Connie S.
    These labels are great! They are easy to work with and they are a great price!
  • Author: Cynthia Marie
    I use an Epson Work Force printer with the instant dry ink and these labels work perfectly with it. The print is so crisp and clear, the color on this bright white is amazing. and they are truly water proof. They also allow you to peel them off and reapply if one is not quite centered. Great!
  • Author: Alisha
    Great labels! They have a smooth, almost velvet-like finish. Very nice and easy to work with.
  • Author: Bethany Bontrager
    LOVE all the waterproof labels! I even use these for essential oils. I can drip straight essential oil over these labels and they DO NOT run or streak.

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