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2 oz Round Natural Twist-up

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2 oz Natural round tubes with a twist-up (propel/repel) base. This is NOT a push-up tube. It twists up & down like a lip balm tube.
Recommended filling temps (plus or minus 5 degrees):
145 degrees for a deodorant or lotion bar (product w/out alcohol)
165 degrees for an antiperspirant
Filling with a solution that is too hot can warp the plastic & damage the mechanisms. Containers are not "water tight", so pouring too hot can also cause leaking (until the formulation solidifies). Compatibility testing is always recommended as well as twisting up and down prior to use to ensure that the tubes work properly. If the solution placed in them is too thick or pasty, the twist mechanism cannot freely move product up and down.
Set includes natural round twist-up tube w/screw-on cap.
2 oz (57g) capacity
Polypropylene #5 Recyclable (to recycle the PP container, HDPE platform needs removed. These are considered "limited recycle" and the recycle logo is not on the container for this reason).
BPA Free (Product is not manufactured with BPA, BPS, DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP, PFOA, PFOS, PVC, HIPS Mercury or Lead)
COMPATIBLE LABEL SIZES: 4x2, 2x5, 2.75x2.75, 2x2, 1.67" Circle, 2.5" Circle
Please note that container has a slight taper, so it is recommended to test labels prior to committing to a larger order.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Pam Keller
    This is one fantastic container. It works great and never fails. I use it for balms and deodorants. I am so glad Elements carries them, because I can't find anything else for my balms that don't look like deodorant. They are the best quality, and I am very particular.
  • Author: Tracey Hartley
    I love to use these twist-up sticks to make sticks of body butter. My customers love them! Thank you for carrying them!
  • Author: Karley Ziegler Mott
    I have tried and tested 5 different deodorant tubes from various suppliers. These are BY FAR the best, the most convenient to fill (no tiny holes at the bottom to fill which is awkward), and most durable. I'll keep buying these as long as you offer them!
  • Author: Don Hart
    Nice package. E-Z screw on cap and nice durable push-up mechanism.
  • Author: Cheryl Plestina
    Great tubes, they twist up easily once product is poured, they have easy on/off twist caps as well. The only thing I do not care for is that when in the complete down position it still shows an empty space which can make it look to the consumer that not the entire tube was used to capacity.
  • Author: Michelle
    These are amazing containers people really took notice of these... A lot better then the old style. I agree with Cheryl when she said: The only thing I do not care for is that when in the complete down position it still shows an empty space which can make it look to the consumer that not the entire tube was used to capacity. At 1st people thought they were not getting a completley full container.
  • Author: karen adams
    i like using these containers. they work well.
  • Author: Patty
    Love the 2oz. Twist-up Lotion Tube - going to try the smaller version! I've been making the push-up lotion bar for awhile & am very excited about the durability (while not looking like deodorant)of this lotion tube. I wanted to say THANK YOU for having reasonable prices & such a great selection of Bath & Body. It is always great to find several items offered by one company.
  • Author: Adam McPherson
    We use the 2 oz tubes as a deodorant tube and I am continually told how wonderful our packaging is for them. I am a long term customer. :) The shipping and customer service is over the top as well.
    PHCH Soap Co.
  • Author: Melita Cash
    This is a good lotion tube, better than the push-up kind which sometimes cracked. Been using it for our Foot Balms- it works great!
  • Author: Shane Cultice
    When we created our all natural deodorant at Amish Country Essentials we needed a consistent product to contain it. This tube is the absolute best we have found.
  • Author: Tameka
    Best darn deodorant tube...PERIOD!
  • Author: Andrea Brewer
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these tubes! I just made my first lotion bars in them and so far they are perfect! Will be ordering more very soon!
    Thank you!
  • Author: Rikki
    Perfect! So glad that I purchase these for my deodorant stick! Will order more in the very near future!
  • Author: Denise Jensen
    I make lotion bars and these are the best containers to use. They are easy to put on the lotion to your feet and we sell a lot of lotion bars. healthierbodies.org
  • Author: The Natural Fighter
    The BEST for deodorants, strong screw bottom and lid. No leaking, and the clear ones look so pretty.
  • Author: Julie B
    I received my order in record time. Just made my first batch of an herbal solid deodorant and these twist tubes are just wonderful! I had no problem with any leakage, they look so professonal, I'm ordering a few more and will continue to order them
  • Author: Deborah @ DJ Deodorants
    I looked high and low for the "best" twist-up for my deodorants, and came to this site as a result. It seemed folks on every other site had issues with leakage, but no one here did. I have been happy the product and recently ordered 100 more.
  • Author: Dan Kell
    We use these exclusively for our shave sticks. They are a great value.
  • Author: Gina
    I love these - perfect for lotion bars. You have a new customer for as long as you sell these!
  • Author: Essentialleigh
    Classy tubes for my handmade deodorant! My friends and supporters LOVE them!
  • Author: Marlo
    These bottles are great! Had to reorder more!
  • Author: cristy
    These tubes are magnificent! No leaking, mechanisms work great. Highly recommend for body balms, hard lotion sticks, solid perfumes, deoderants...love!! Elements has super fast delivery, high quality products at unbelievable prices! I have not been dissapointed at all with all of my orders! Highly recommend this company! ♡
  • Author: Jodi Lombardo
    These tubes are fabulous and the sale is great. I covered the entire tube with a 2x4" label, I think. It covered just about the entire tube. My labels are printed from hand drawing so there is a lot on the label so that could be why, but you don't notice that the inside doesn't twist to the bottom.
    The lid screws on nicely and the quality is great. I use a lot of the "natural" color for my products- actually I basically use what is on sale and I have a great collection of containers from Elements Barh and Body.
    These fit right in and are really cool and different. Great for deodorant and I did use them for body butter. How ever, I've never made or used lotion bard and find the product to be too vicious and sticky and hard to rub in with a tube like this. And it's just a personal thing. To get the butter stiff enough to be like a balm, you need your beeswax and I find the products hard to spread on my skin when it's so thick.
    However, I'm going to try crafting a foot exfoloator or cracked heel or callous eliminator in them. I think for foot softening products, the "balm" consistency may work well.
    In general I usually make body cremes and lotions and not butters so it is definitely a personal thing.
    Great buy and I'm sure all the creative skin care product crafters will find a ton of uses . Again, fabulous quality for 89 cents per tube! (@100 tubes)

    ~ Terrific! Price reduced to $80/100!
  • Author: Cheyanna Howell
    I love that I have the ability to order these in ANY quantity I need. I was making my very first batch of deodorant and didn't know how well it would go so I didn't want to invest in too many containers. Wow, they were perfect! They twist very nicely and have a nice unique look as well. Really happy with these. No leakage either which was fabulous. Can't say enough about the product and this company! Thank you!
  • Author: chera hope
    Amazing and high quality, great for deodorant!!!! best containers I have bought yet, look very professional with a table on it

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