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.25 oz Slide Tin

.25 oz Slide Tin
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These beloved little tins are perfect for lip balms & perfumes.
Made of tin-plated polished steel, this set includes a base with rolled edges & a slide-on lid.
Dimensions: 1.9" long x 1" wide x .375” tall
Recommended Label Size: 1.875" x .937"
To ensure that your finished product is compatible, we recommend testing initially in small quantities. These tins are designed for oil & wax-based products. Water may cause rust.

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Michelle
    These tins are great for lip balm! I love the size and feel, and the sliding top!
  • Author: bkchappie
    I use these for my jewelweed salves, lip balms, and decorate the slider tops for pills, beads or other small items. These are great multi-use tins!!!!
  • Author: Jo Ann Diaz
    Easy to label and very appealing to the customer. Upscale from your usual lip tube.
  • Author: cityinisk
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  • Author: Robbie
    I love these for lip balm and solid perfume. I have found, however, that some of the lids have jagged bits underneath that catch on the tin and then the tin can't be opened. Just be sure to look on the underside of every lip before you put it on a tin.
  • Author: Nancy Nosewicz
    They look great. Loooking forward to making lip balm! Great service and a free sample!
  • Author: Bethany Frazier
    These tins are fantastic! Sturdy and the perfect size. The recommended labels are a great fit, too!
  • Author: Pa da Vang
    This is great for sample size product. The only concern I had with this product is that the top slides off too easily.

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